Ylona Garcia On Working At McDonald’s And As She Says, Living A Normal Life

Ylona Garcia On Working At McDonald’s And As She Says, Living A Normal Life


In this exclusive with Ylona Garcia, she takes us on her journey to finding growth and positivity in this new chapter of her life.

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I first officially met Ylona Garcia last year, on her cover shoot with MEG. Stepping into the studio, she immediately brought so much light into the room—beaming like the center of our solar system, in fact. I remember having to take a large gulp of my coffee to be able to keep up with her energy. She would dance while blasting music, take pictures in any corner she thought would look “aesthetic,” and sing at the top of her lungs. A literal embodiment of an extrovert, Ylona is fun, outgoing, and naturally curious.

2019 was her prime year. She would be out and about in the streets, go to studios left and right to make music, and juggle her life in showbiz. Fast forward to a year later, where everyone is forced to stay at home, practice social distancing, and be as mundane as possible–no exceptions even for the A-list celebrities.

During that pause in her busy life, she went back to Sydney, Australia, and kept a relatively low profile. Except for teasing her new music, Ylona could be described as going back to her normal life. “Studying in Australia is quite nostalgic for me, it reminds me of my time in primary school and high school,” says Ylona in our Instagram exchange. “Prior to the pandemic that our world is experiencing at the moment, I’ve been taking online classes for about four years now, and I’m having fun because no matter where I go, I can still study happily.”

Much to her followers’ surprise before the start of September, Ylona posted an Instagram picture of herself wearing a McDonald’s crew uniform. The caption wrote, “hey y’all, i decided to work at @mcdonaldsau :)) feel free to come thruuu && i’ll serve you xx.

From living a life centered in glam, fashion, and the spotlight, working at a regular job at a fast-food restaurant was something unexpected from the rising star. “I’ve been at the fries station, drinks station gotten orders ready to be delivered at the front and at the car park,” she details. “I find them all extremely fun and informative. I’ve learned how to get jobs done the quickest and the best way possible that ensures satisfied customers.”

When asked about what she has went through during her time in quarantine, she shares, “One of my favorite challenges that I’ve been facing is finding new ways to be creative. And being creative doesn’t just mean creating new musical pieces, it also pertains to finding new ways on how I should go about the assignments that I’ve been given in college. What are some new yoga poses that I should try for my next session? What’s the next song I should learn on piano and violin? Should I surpass the weights I’ve lifted in the gym and add an extra 15 pounds? What should I post about next on my social accounts? What should I cook for my family?”

Ylona has kept a positive attitude even in the change of lifestyle. “In my opinion, what we’re all experiencing as the new normal is adaptable, I’m not saying it’s not difficult, but since this will likely be the situation for a while, might as well have fun with it and get creative,” she says.

And creative, she was. Over the past months, Ylona would be sharing snippets of her original tracks and releasing her latest single, Spilt Milk.

“Music is part of me. It’s my soul and the very essence of who I am. The pieces that I release are chapters of my life and this very chapter is about living through a pandemic,” she says. “I just hope that it gets people to feel that they’re not alone and that no matter where they are or what they’re doing, I’m here for you.”

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