10 Makeup Artists That Can Create Soft And Subtle Beauty On Your Wedding Day

10 Makeup Artists That Can Create Soft And Subtle Beauty On Your Wedding Day


Because there’s nothing women could ask for but to look absolutely immaculate on their wedding day, it’s best to book the makeup artist that could turn you into a beautiful bride, sealing that impression into a lifetime memory ’til death do you part. 

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Here’s the inescapable reality: The weather in the Philippines can be quite the challenge, most especially when it comes to living out the wedding of your dreams. Everything has to take forecasts into consideration, even where beauty is considered. Being as that you want to look your absolute best, highlighting your assets and glowing from within, a soft and subtle makeup look will easily complement that fantasy. A perpetual beauty trend, this is a most flattering trend you can turn to for something as simple as an event or your milestone wedding.

When you’ve gone over your wedding arrangements, it’s time to focus on enlisting the best glam team that will make you the star of your big day, bar none. Clueless on where to start and who to book? Don’t fret as we round up the makeup artists that will let you cop your favorite signature look on celebrities.

Mickey See

Mickey See typically boosts the natural glow of his celebrity clients, especially brides Kristine Hermosa and Pauleen Luna. Mickey also experiments on different soft and subtle makeup looks, especially when it comes to the unparalleled beauty of Liza Soberano.

Albert Kurniawan

Behind most of Heart Evangelista Escudero’s beauty looks we see on her engagements and on her wedding day is trusted makeup artist, Albert Kurniawan. With a healthy and glowing base, Albert specializes on adding a little flick of drama on the eyes, all the more reason for your groom to keep his gaze on you.

Denise Ochoa

In the wedding of Maxene Magalona-Mananquil, Denise Ochoa opted for strokes of soft, diffused makeup, one that was carefully crafted to match their island wedding. “I try using colors that are close to the skin tone, but I also do layer different textures so that I get the soft look but not flat,” shares Denise. Highlighting the very best of her client, Denise usually plays with the natural skin tone of her clients.

Gery Penaso

From a signature bold and fierce beauty aesthetic as seen on beauty queens and celebrities, Gery Penaso can also channel ravishing restraint with soft hues for your intimate wedding day.

Robbie Pinera

For Anne Curtis’ wedding in Queenstown, Robbie Pinera created a lightweight yet statement look his muse. He takes time to cleanse, hydrate, and protect the skin before putting on colors.. “I love doing looks that only enhances natural features and not alter it,” shares Robbie. “I focus more on bringing out what’s already there and just use natural colors and textures to define, soften, and highlight.”

Anthea Bueno

When she isn’t creating editorial looks, Anthea Bueno proves that she’s no stranger when it comes to this makeup look. From nude to pinkish tones, she creates the most gorgeous look that we can’t get enough of. Recently, Anthea worked with Camille Co for her wedding look in Italy.

Gela Laurel


Gela Laurel is the go-to makeup artist for the pop star, Sarah Geronimo. Giving it a light to intense shimmer, Gela also loves to experiment with the eyes. “I use tools of beauty in trying to achieve symmetry,” shares Gela. “I also use color theory to bring out my subject’s features.”

Ting Duque

It’s obvious how Ting Duque loves to accentuate a makeup look with a unique swipe of lipstick. The makeup illusion she does in the eyes is definitely what any bride would want. No wonder we easily felt in love with Camille Prat’s look on her wedding.

Jake Galvez

Jake Galvez knows how to play with the shadows on the eyes, especially with chinita beauties such as Kim Chiu. When it comes to creating that easy, effortless glam for your married milestone, Jake sure knows how to flatter the face. “When creating soft, subtle look, I choose light colors of brown, pink, or peach in matte, satin, or pearlized texture,” shares Jake. “It’s either I skip the black eyeliner or use a dark brown shade for a more defined eyes.”

Justine Claudia

We have to admit, we love all of Kathryn Bernardo’s beauty appearances, from her eyes to her lips. With a striking signature threading through her clientele, Justine Claudia, a recent bride herself, opts for a very natural and blushing makeup look for her brides.

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