This Curated Gifts Can Make You More Memorable To Your Wedding Guests

This Curated Gifts Can Make You More Memorable To Your Wedding Guests


To make weddings extra memorable, a personal and unique giveaway is the way to it. As a way to thank your guests for spending a little time on your wedding, it’s best to give them something to remember every detail of the big occasion.

From dashing attires to good food, wedding preparations are inevitably a handful. If you are in need of a little idea on what to give your guests, you might want to go with something personal. Aroma Filipinas specializes on bespoke scents and curated gifts perfect for your wedding day. Experience less of a hassle if you go with an all-in giveaway handler. 

Since every product is handcrafted with love and care, AF Perfumery comes a little special for a giveaway. They carefully curate each boxes according to your wedding’s theme and style. If you are very sentimental, you might find yourself reusing their boxes as a storage of different mementos. How is it not possible to love their signature boxes?

Let your guests brings home the memories of love and happiness through the fragrance of your giveaway. AF Perfumery lets you choose from aromatic diffusers, room spray, linen spray, pillow mist, and scented candles. To give you an idea of their best-sellers, they have Pacifica, White Linen, Asian Zest, French Lavender, and Summer Breeze.

The stars of the event-Bride and Groom-can create a custom scent to wear on their big day. AF oil scents that are sourced directly from Fragrance Houses in USA and France are available, too. They formulate Fine Fragrances into Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, cologne, body mist, after shave, and body splash which are available upon request. 

You can upgrade the personalized gift into an Experiential Curated Box that comes along with something to make it even more special. May it be a relaxing massage, romantic getaway, intimate dinner night, baking class, diving lessons, or any enjoyable activity there is, AF Perfumery can arrange every detail for you. 

For more information on AF Perfumery, you can follow them on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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