3 Local Fashion Stylists You Need To Follow Now

3 Local Fashion Stylists You Need To Follow Now


With a penchant and great eye for all things sartorial, stylists Joanna Garcia, Aldrin Ramos and Florian Trinidad show us the art of expression through fashion.

JOANNA GARCIA | @joannagee


Following a straightforward attitude to style, celebrity stylist and one of Nadine Lustre’s go-to fashion gals, Joanna Garcia goes by two things—chic and effortless. Incorporating statement garbs, experimenting with silhouettes and reaching for trendy to classic pieces, the extent of Garcia’s compass when it comes to her fashion sensibilities are endless and always distinctive from the last. With all the celebrity clientele she has, Garcia makes it a point to know their personal style and add flair to it. “I play around what they like and what works for them. Slowly, I also like to introduce new looks for them to wear,” she tells. What makes each one of her looks a standout isn’t just her characteristic approach but sticking true to her philosophy as a stylist. “Whatever I put [my clients] in, my goal is for them to be confident and exuberant.” When asked about her perspective on styling for 2018, Garcia speaks on embracing the accessibility of fashion, “I love how fashion is readily available now more than ever to everyone—I love how people nowadays are their own stylists,” she explains and absolutely firm on attesting that style truly is progressive in the digital age with the active ascent of e-commerce. For Joanna Garcia, it’s a pretty simple sentiment, “I believe we all have our own styles and we ourselves evolve—we dress up and have fun with it.”

ALDRIN RAMOS | @aldrin.ramos


Carrying a predilection to downplayed chic, Aldrin Ramos keeps it fresh. The young fashion stylist most known to work with Lovi Poe is drawn to minimalism—Ramos affirms that there’s a great distinction between basic and keeping things beautifully understated. “There’s a thin line between being a minimalist and boring. I always make sure that the looks I make have that edgy look yet still maintain its laidback vibe – edgy but effortless at the same time,” he says. Other than a fondness for the polished, Ramos expresses a proclivity for experimentalism, constructing his styling based on his mood and various things that inspire him from time to time. “I like exploring and considering a lot of things when it comes to my shoots and styling.” notes Ramos. For fashion in 2018, he points to the take off of genderless clothing and more vivid shades. “I believe it’s more on colors this time around, like bright, bold hues or pastels.” Ramos’s perspective on styling proves how big of an impact a creative boost can do and a testament that inspiration is everywhere.

FLORIAN TRINIDAD | @floriantrinidad


In a world of fast fashion and the cursory rigmarole of trends, Florian Trinidad marches to a different beat with a newfangled take to style. Her cool, laidback way of dressing easily translates to the editorials she produces as a freelance stylist. “My style is greatly influenced by the 90s with a mix of the early 2000s era. The looks I create are very hip-hop street and reminiscent to the looks of Aaliyah, TLC, Run DMC, & Kris Kross to name a few,” she states and expresses a love for athleisure—taking in inspiration from streetwear lookbooks and magazines like i-D and Nylon Japan to get the ball rolling in her creative process. “My signature pieces would definitely include a good jumpsuit, an oversized puffer jacket, elephant pants, a sports bra, a baggy track jacket, and sneakers.” Despite futurism and modernistic approaches to fashion, Trinidad believes the sartorial scene is making a rewind with the craze surrounding nostalgia in 2018. “A lot of brands are reimagining styles from the 80, 90s and early 2000s but still with their own modern elements. From the bold 80s-inspired eyewear by Jeremy Scott to the comeback of Paris Hilton’s signature brand Juicy Couture, I think the trend of the “comebacks” will still continue.” With such distinct taste and an a great eye for all things cool, Florian Trinidad is definitely taking part in redefining what street style means for the local scene.

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