7 Fitness Classes You Need on Your Radar to Burn Calories

7 Fitness Classes You Need on Your Radar to Burn Calories


Looking to try new exercises in a group setting? Book these seven fitness classes to amp up your active lifestyle and burn calories

Starting up a new workout routine can certainly feel like a chore. Sometimes, what you need to motivate yourself to maintain a workout routine is by immersing yourself in a community. That’s why fitness classes work. For some, the answer is found among a group of people who know exactly what it’s like to begin a new fitness journey, with a coach to guide the process. The infectious aura of a high-energy fitness class certainly helps, too. After all, if you enjoy what you’re doing and the people you’re doing it with, you can sustain any new routine.  

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If the above is just what you need, read ahead for our roundup of seven fitness classes we think you should try next.

Dance cardio

dance cardio fitness class
Photo: 808 STUDIO (via Instagram)

Dance cardio is a fun and effective way to exercise and burn calories. Depending on the intensity and duration of your workout, as well as your present weight, you stand to burn hundreds of calories for an hour-long session. To try this out yourself, you can head over to 808 Studio and opt for their signature class, a 45-minute dance fitness session that blends cardio and strength training. You also get to enjoy exclusive mixes from their resident DJs.

Bungee fitness

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Bungee fitness is another enjoyable and non-conventional route you can take in your weight loss journey. It’s low-impact and high-intensity, so you stand to lose hundreds of calories with relative ease. Stark Fitness San Antonio Residence Gym in Makati is one of the few places you can head to for this exercise, and it’s safe to try for all shapes and sizes.


Fitness Classes in Metro Manila
Photo: PERIGON (via Instagram)

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We’ve talked plenty about spin classes, but we can’t emphasize enough how beneficial they are socially, physically, and mentally. Notably, you can burn around 500 calories from spinning for 45 minutes. One place we recommend is PERIGON, a group rhythmic cycling micro-studio in San Juan that values accountability, consistency, and resilience.


rowing fitness class
Photo: SADDLE ROW (via Instagram)

Rowing is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that’s effective for weight loss and improving heart health over time. You can expect to lose at least a hundred calories after a 30-minute moderate-effort exercise using a rowing machine. To find your own sanctuary among a fitness community, try out the classes over at Saddle Row, an indoor rowing studio with top instructors.


pilates class
Photo: REFORMA STUDIO (via Instagram)

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Pilates doesn’t have to be a solitary workout. Though you may enjoy your at-home routine or one-on-one instruction, why not try group classes as well? For a truly full-body and low-impact workout in a supportive group setting, check out Reforma Studio in U.P. Town Center Mall, Quezon City. Through this, you can burn a few hundred calories every hour-long session.

Vertical climbing cardio

climbing cardio fitness class in Metro Manila
Photo: BONIFACIO HIGH STREET (via Instagram)

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If you’re in search of something a little new to change up your daily pace, vertical climbing cardio could be what you’re looking for. It’s a highly effective full-body workout that star athletes and celebrities across the world vouch for since people reportedly burn about 22 calories per minute. No matter your fitness level, you can visit Rise Nation in BGC for group classes.

Functional fitness

fitness classes in Metro Manila
Photo: THE MOVEMENT STUDIO (via Instagram)

It’s also important to get down to the basics through functional fitness, an approach that makes use of our bodies’ basic movements, such as push, pull, squat, hip hinge, lunge, and twist. To immerse yourself in an enjoyable group setting that blends both cardio and strength training, look no further than The Movement Studio. Through their top-of-the-line facilities and expert coaches, you can expect to burn fat, build muscle, and develop athleticism.

Featured Image: REFORMA STUDIO (via Instagram)

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