How An Aerial Yoga Class Taught Me To Face My Fears

How An Aerial Yoga Class Taught Me To Face My Fears


Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to feel about the aerial yoga class that I was heading to.
As someone who prefers other types of workouts, I already knew that it wouldn’t be easy for me. But being the first of Cream Silk’s new Power Class Series, we were invited to face our fears head-on through the class.

From simple stretches with the silk to swinging to a number of inversions—if you experience vertigo or are prone to motion sickness (like me), this workout might not be for you—it truly was a challenging and exhilarating experience.
It soon dawned on me that aerial yoga presented me with a number of my flaws: trust issues (in this case, with the silk, despite the yoga teacher repeating that it could carry more than 1000 pounds) and impatience (especially with myself). But unexpectedly, the class taught me to deal with these challenges with a brave face and determination, rather than trudging through with the same old frustration. While the motion sickness that I also experienced is enough to keep me from giving aerial yoga another go, I felt a sense of confidence from at least attempting to face these obstacles—something Cream Silk’s Hair Fall Defense wants women to feel as well.
Chosen as Cream Silk’s main launch for their latest campaign, the class at Beyond Yoga only highlighted the features of their Hair Fall Defense. With its Break-Shield Complex, the product prevents breakage, making hair more resilient from root to tip. In no time, you will surely be saying goodbye to hair fall.
In addition to Beyond Yoga, they have also partnered with other fitness studios for their Power Class Series, including Ride Revolution, Electric Studio, Plana Forma and PoleCats Manila. Joining these classes will surely inspire you to face more of the day-to-day challenges you might experience.

What are you waiting for? From April to May 2018, Cream Silk will be offering free passes to the mentioned studios to their consumers. Sign ups officially start tomorrow so be sure to check out for more details!

Feature image from Grace&Wilde

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