Does Astrology Really Pave The Way For Better Overall Health?

Does Astrology Really Pave The Way For Better Overall Health?


Most of us typically turn to astrology for matters related to our personality and daily lives—will this month bring me any luck? Is this career right for me? Am I compatible with this new person I’m dating? Although we might take it in varying degrees of seriousness, we have to admit that our curiosity stems from the search for understanding the unique elements of our character.

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Not many of us are aware that a keen understanding of astrology can greatly benefit one’s health as well—something that has actually been studied for centuries. Astrologers and texts such as Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, which centers on the philosophy and practice of astrology, have long recognized that the signs appear to rule over certain parts of the body. Even Hippocrates himself was said to state, “A physician without the knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

Nowadays, astrology has lost much of its significance in the medical world. But when it comes to better understanding ourselves and our bodies, it seems that knowledge on that particular area would certainly help. “A physician must study theory and the beginnings of his occupation for a deeper and more holistic practice,” shares Monica Gamboa, a student of astrology who has completed Debra Silverman’s Astrology Program in 2016. “The astrological indications were a prerequisite of medical treatments at medieval universities; today they are linked with the glandular system. To this day, doctors who use them are impressed by their accuracy,” she adds.

Astrology will definitely be able to warn you which parts of your body are susceptible to weakness. Gamboa gives us a few examples of the health problems a fire sign (Aries), an air sign (Gemini), an earth sign (Virgo) and a water sign (Scorpio) might face:

The headstrong, firery Aries rules the cerebrum. If an individual has a lot of planets in Aries, there is that tendency to have migraines and neuralgia. In addition to this, those born under this sign may be prone to accidents due to carelessness (such as cuts and burns) and getting physically and emotionally overheated. Interestingly, spicy food also tends to cause them problems.

Gemini rules the lungs, bronchial tubes, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. There is also that emphasis on their mental processes, which are usually quick and bright—this may explain why they are great communicators. Because of this, however, Geminis tend to experience nervous strain and tension, restlessness, as well as arm and shoulder injuries. To counter this, Gamboa suggests a healthy combination of physical and intellectual activities.

Virgos are known for being methodical creatures. Ruling over the intestines and the nervous system, their constant strive for perfection can lead them to experience worry and nervous tension, eventually leading to migraine and bowel problems. To avoid this, one must learn to practice relaxation techniques. A good suggestion would be to get into yoga or meditation.

She shares that Scorpios, on the other hand, tend to be complicated—with a seemingly calm exterior on the outside and intense emotions on the inside. This water sign is said to rule over the sexual organs. Gamboa warns against burn out and avoiding excess in all spheres of life—especially in eating and sexual behavior. Moderation is key.

Whether you still seem doubtful about getting into astrology for health reasons, remember that there isn’t anything to lose. In fact, more knowledge about your sign can lead to unexpected benefits. “One benefit is prevention,” shares Gamboa, adding, “You won’t need to go to the doctor as often because of the awareness of your body’s weak points. It gives you clues on how to change our lifestyle and the type of diet you need.”

If there is something to take away from all this, it is that ultimately, the road to self-discovery and truly knowing yourself will make your life all the more worthwhile.

As seen on MEGA Magazine January 2018.

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