Don't Know What To Pick? Here Are The Best Sunscreens for Your Skin Type!

Don't Know What To Pick? Here Are The Best Sunscreens for Your Skin Type!


Not sure which sunblock or sunscreen pick? We know exactly what you need according to your skin type!
Not all sunscreens are created equal. And you’re probably having a hard time choosing which one to pick from the plethora of sunscreens and sunblocks in stores. Every single variant promises a different effect and it gets confusing most of the time.
But worry no more because we’re here to guide you in your sunscreen/block-picking adventure. Read on to find out which sunscreen is best for your skin type—dry, oily, sensitive, and even inked!

Dry Skin

COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++ | Photo by Beauty and Seoul

Sunscreens that moisturize all while giving you the protection you need is what you’re looking for. Not all sunscreens can promise you that moisturized feeling so make sure to check for ingredients like non-fragrant plant oils and fruit butters.

Oily Skin

Banana Boat Dry Balance Lotion and Mist | Photo by Cosmenet

It can be such a hassle to always touch up during a trip because of the sticky feeling on your skin. Grab a sunscreen that has a matte finish but provides a wide spectrum of protection for your skin. This type of sunscreen will allow you to have all the fun you want under the sun without the irritating sticky feeling on your skin.

Sensitive Skin

Human Nature Safe Protect Sunscreen | Photo by Human Nature

It’s always best to use sunscreen with zinc oxide and/or titanium oxide for people with sensitive skin. Chemicals often so irritate the skin and all-natural ingredients are always best to keep your skin protected and glowing under the sun.


ByNature Sunblock Away SPF 75
ByNature Sunblock Away SPF 75 | Photo by ByNature

Not only your skin but the color of your tattoos must be protected from the sun. Choose a less-chemical sunblock with high SPF and broad spectrum of protection from UV Rays. But it’s best to keep your skin covered for better protection. New tattoos need at least a few weeks before you can let them get exposed to the sun.

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