Vern and Verniece Enciso Will Teach You How To Take The Perfect Selfie Every Time

Vern and Verniece Enciso Will Teach You How To Take The Perfect Selfie Every Time


Enciso Sisters, Vern and Verniece, will teach you all the ways to achieve the perfect selfie every time!

Selfies are a lot harder than many of us think. There’s so much to consider when taking one. From angles to lighting—the selfie game just gets tougher every time. Not to mention, a lot of the people on our IG feed pressure us into making each selfie perfect. So we tapped our favorite style sissies to give us tips on how to take the perfect selfie every single time: the Enciso sisters.
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Vern and Verniece have been serving us nothing but double-tap worthy content on Instagram. And we never miss out on their perfect selfies that scream “goals”. So we took the chance to ask them exactly how to do it like them. And the sisters shared selfie tips that totally helped!

Know The Angle Of Your Face

We all have the right angle for our faces. It’s best to know that first so you know which side to show to the camera. Vern shared, “If you’re lucky, you can go straight.” But no worries if it isn’t your angle. There has got to be one and it’s for you to figure out.

Find The Right Lighting

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Choose the perfect lighting that will brighten your look. But be careful not to lose the shape of your face. Some lights can be harsh that not even contour can help. So pick one that’s going to compliment your look or makeup!

Snap At A Higher Angle

The sisters share that it’s better to hold the camera at a higher angle. It gives an illusion of a longer and slimmer face. This angle will lift up your cheeks more and make your smile stand out!

Want to hear it from the sisters themselves? Watch the video below for more:

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