Everything You Missed At The MEGA Fashion Week 2018

Everything You Missed At The MEGA Fashion Week 2018


This year’s MEGA Fashion Week was complete with all things fashion. We’ve witnessed various takes on evening wear—some fun, some classic, some inventive, but all absolutely elegant. Casual pieces also graced the runway for our everyday fashion fix. The beauty department, of course, didn’t disappoint. From full-on glam to barely-there, all the beauty inspiration we never thought we needed were present as well. From the looks to never-before-seen backstage moments, here’s everything you missed from the MEGA Fashion Week 2018:

 A Theatric Experience

Designers and brands didn’t hold back in giving us a theatric experience with their shows. From a live band to dancers on the runway, the MEGA Fashion Week 2018 runway was a haven not only for fashion but also for theatricality.

Neric Beltran didn’t disappoint for his first ever fashion show.  Pop funk music played on the background care of IV of Spades as his creations walk down the runway. Everyone can’t help but dance to the band’s hit songs ‘Hey Barbara’, ‘Where Have You Been, My Disco?’, and ‘In My Prison’.

IV of Spades with Neric Beltran | All The Celebrities At Neric Beltran's Star-Studded Runway Debut | MEGA
IV of Spades with Neric Beltran

Jerome Salaya Ang didn’t hold back and presented a show as dramatic as his creations. A string quartet played classical pieces such as Tchiakovsky’s ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ and ‘Dance Of The Swans’. The music, mood, and the new pieces are all reminiscent of the inspiration for his collection. We could see ‘Primavera’, an Italian renaissance painting by Sandro Botticelli, come to life through his designs.

From pop and classics, the show went tribal for the F&H show. Aligned with the theme of their 20th anniversary collection, Stay Wild, the show was needless to say a lush spectacle complete with a timbered set design, bongos and congas, and the G-Force dancers heating up the runway with their electric dance moves.

Star-Studded Celebration

The MEGA Fashion Week 2018 crowd also glimmered with a bunch of celebrities, influencers, and industry moguls in attendance. As we celebrate the talent of 6 designers and two retail giants, the audience was complete with all the support they could get for the launch of their respective collections. Some of the most notable stars include TV show host and comedian Vice Ganda and MEGA October issue cover star Anne Curtis for Neric Beltran’s show, Coleen Garcia for Rosenthal Tee’s night, and The Gutierrez Family and Georgina Wilson for F&H. Rustan’s Tantoco Family came in to support Ricardo Preto’s show as their brand’s designer. Star volleyball players Kianna Dy and Den Lazaro also came to support Majoy Baron’s runway debut at Anthony Ramirez’s show. Local designer Bang Pineda came in to support #AvelxMatteo on Day 7.

Iridescent Beauty

With each designer having aesthetics different from each other, each show was an extravaganza to look forward to. The beauty department kept up with each show, closely coordinated with each collection. From shimmers to street style, each show offered a distinct look that went well with each collection. With BYS cosmetics helping each model prep for the night, one thing stood out from the week’s shows—colors. Blues, red, pinks, purples—name it and each show has got to have it.


Fashion In Full Regalia

But the highlight of each night falls on the remarkable pieces each brand and designer put out for 7 days. Starting off with the chic collection from Ricardo Preto—the pops of colors and patterns made each of his pieces unique and fashionable while keeping their wearability. Blocks of color dominated the runway at the Anthony Ramirez show with his structured and elegant creations. Neric Beltran’s signature embellishments recreate Victorian-inspired designs for the modern woman. The blank canvas that is the runway gets painted with the dark romantic pieces from Jerome Salaya Ang’s ‘Primavera’-inspired collection. F&H answers to the call of the wild with their 20th anniversary collection showcasing spirit animals to represent each person’s individual characters. The fashion week runway shone and danced with the groove and luster of Rosenthal Tee’s dancy collection of evening wear dresses. Last but never the least is Avel Bacudio and Matteo Guidicelli’s collection of limited edition designer jeans created for a cause. Truly, each of the shows offered a variety of designs and function that fit any occasion—from casual everyday wear and corporate chic to formal social gatherings and galas.



Backstage Pass

There is something so enthralling about the backstage area. Each show has their own mood but all hectic yet fun. All the designers are hands-on with their shows. Down to the nitty-gritty details of the show, they didn’t miss a single speck, turning their shows to complete successes. MEGA Fashion Week 2018 was a mere platform to acknowledge and appreciate talents of homegrown brands and talents. And as this year’s celebration comes to an end, we can only expect a grander gathering of the country’s best and most sought-after designers and brands.

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