Fill Your Mental Health Reset Days With These 10 Self-Care Activities

Fill Your Mental Health Reset Days With These 10 Self-Care Activities


Mental health reset days should be a staple in your monthly calendar for emotional equilibrium, so here are just 10 effective yet simple self-care activities that’ll get you out of your house

Sometimes, when we feel like we’re at the end of our rope, we take mental health breaks or reset days to focus on our emotional wellness. But what tends to happen on these days is that we become lethargic, wasting daylight hours scrolling through social media. Something we’ve learned through trial and error, however, is that nothing feels more healing than getting out of our houses to get out of our heads. Even studies agree that doing enjoyable leisure activities will help with both psychological and physical well-being.

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With that in mind, we put together a list of self-care activities that worked best for us to help you along on your own mental health journey. 

Play sports

Play sports on your mental health reset days

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One way to motivate you to get out of the house is by playing outdoor sports. For us, this means playing badminton or ultimate frisbee in our neighborhood, or tennis and basketball at the clubhouse. This way, you can hack your happy hormones through physical activity and social interaction.

Do a jumping exercise

Do jumping exercises for self-care

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Working out can feel like too much work for those unused to the routine, so we find that jumping exercises are fun beginner-friendly ways to promote functional fitness. And when we say jumping exercises, we mean literal jumping. Think: jump ropes, jumping jacks, and trampolines.

Create something

Create something on your mental health reset days

It’s up to you what you create, but we personally love to sculpt at pottery studios like Bumi and Ashe. Whether it’s hand-building or wheel-throwing, pottery is a great way to heal your inner child while promoting intellectual wellness.

Read for pleasure

Self-care activities like reading for pleasure

Reading is another way to engage your brain and promote intellectual wellness. Whether it’s a creative non-fiction book or high fantasy, you’re bound to learn something new like an addition to your vocabulary or an unfamiliar historical fact.

Visit a park

Visit a park on your mental health reset days

Being among nature and under the sun can really help to make you feel less stressed. Take advantage of the public open spaces in your city and go for long strolls or simply stay under the shade to do other self-care activities like reading a book, journaling, or meditating.

Complete a meditation

Self-care activities like meditation

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On that note, meditation is a tried and true method to promote mental health. This can mean joining an in-person meditation or simply following a guided session using your phone. Some apps also provide sessions specifically for when you’re commuting.

Cook with friends

Self-care activities like cooking with friends

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Making your own meal by hand is a truly healing process, but it can be even more enjoyable if you cook at a friend’s house. And for us, meals specifically prepared for our mental health days contain mood-boosting and nutrient-dense ingredients like cruciferous vegetables and legumes

Treat yourself

Treat yourself on your mental health reset days

A not-so-commonly known dimension of wellness is financial wellness. To that end, you can practice this by saving up some money to use without guilt on your mental health days. This can mean treating yourself to a new perfume or having a spa day.

Help your community 

Helping your community is a form of self-care

Something that doesn’t get spoken of enough is how helping your community can also be a form of self-care. Consider activities like donating underused clothes, volunteering at local nursing homes, or joining cleaning efforts to help others and yourself.

Talk it out

Talk it out on your mental health reset days

Finally, let’s not forget that mental health is best treated with help. It’ll take some time to find a therapist, counselor, or group suited to your needs, but it’s a process worth taking. Explore your options with spiritual counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, support groups, and more.

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