Find Out Which Stars Came Down To Get Fitted By Furne One

Find Out Which Stars Came Down To Get Fitted By Furne One


A moment befitting a pillar of the local and global fashion industry, a galaxy of stars descended for a one-on-one fitting session with the icon himself, Furne One.

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It is three days before the much talked about MEGA Millennial Ball and the flurry of activities leading up to the event are kicking up a notch with alignment meetings, makeup look tests, model castings and finally, celebrity fittings with Furne One. Contrary to what you will have probably expected, the mood is considerably relaxed as everyone convenes at the Shangri-la Makati ballroom repurposed as the Amato Couture headquarters for the day.

Perhaps the one a little on edge is Furne One, as he sits and waits for the celebrities scheduled to meet him for the day. He scans the room that is now lined with the yet-to-be-revealed collection that is by far a dazzling display of opulence, elegance and just the right amount of grace with an edge. “I’m just a little worried as I do not have a shop here,” reasons Furne, anticipating any alteration that is part and parcel of celebrity fittings.

However, all hints of fear escapes the room as soon as Lovi Poe enters the room. The first of the day, she glides through an air of pleasantries and is whisked to fit a gown that Furne One has chosen for her. The moment she walks out for all the room to see, everyone is left stunned, including the actress herself. Clearly, she is ready to conquer the red carpet in this one-of-a-kind creation.

The day commences without a hitch. One by one, beautiful actresses came through the swinging doors for their little date with Furne One: MEGA June cover girl Elisse Joson shimmies in her gown, deciding which pair of shoes and hairstyle to wear for the ball; Laura Lehmann slips into two choices, finally ending up with a number that shapes her better; another MEGA June cover star Janella Salvador braves the Saturday weather for her fantasy dress; Binibining Pilipinas-Universe Catriona Gray takes our breath away in a display of dazzling daring; Karylle gushes over the sea of sky-high shoes before being swathed in the dress for her; finally, KC Concepcion rounds out the day when the anachronistic creation created for her was paired with an edgy pair of booties. With spirits at a high, it was a very good day for fashion. As there were no major alterations in sight, it seemed that Furne One can breathe a sigh of relief—for now.

From this point on, he can now exhaust all his energy towards staging a milestone moment of a runway show. This will be one for the books, for sure. And trust us, you will not want to miss out on this.


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