Fitness Gets Even Smarter Through Sportswear

Fitness Gets Even Smarter Through Sportswear


From the minds of researchers at ETH Zurich, Prevayl Innovations, and more comes the next stage of fitness—smart sportswear and 3D-​printed insoles

Finding ways to make fitness more effective has been a long-running process. With the development of AI technologies, the metaverse, and the like, it’s clear that companies and research hubs see the value in using data to drastically improve life. Beyond being about lifestyle, smart fitness tech is about making positive progress in the field of medicine, sports, and so much more.

While not exactly self-controlled robots, what the world’s best researchers are doing to make fitness more intelligent are just as fascinating. Interested in seeing what the latest developments are? Read what we have to say below:

The latest in smart sportswear

smart sportswear and 3D-​printed insoles

Researchers over at ETH Zurich, a Swiss university for science and technology, have developed a prototype electronic yarn that can measure a person’s body movements precisely without the aid of electronic components like batteries or chips. According to their research, this textile sensor can predict and detect the wearer’s exhaustion level in real-time when integrated directly into their close-fitting sportswear or work clothing.

How is this possible? In a nutshell, the “special yarn” that makes up the sensor expands when you pull on it and this movement then generates an electrical signal. This yarn is particularly sensitive to even minimal movements, so it’s said that “stretching it even a little produces distinctly measurable fluctuations in the sensor’s charge.”

What does this mean in a practical sense? By being able to measure and analyze the subtle changes people make while exercising, the ETH Zurich researchers say that the textile sensor can be used to prevent fatigue-related injuries in sports or at the workplace. Notably, if manufacturers were to stitch this yarn into running leggings, this would make your clunky fitness gadgets and performance trackers with poor battery life easily replaceable.

smart sportswear and 3D-​printed insoles

Also in development is a 3D-​printed insole with pressure sensors integrated into it to measure and analyze the wearer’s gait as they run. Researchers at ETH Zurich, Empa, and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne developed this technology to help athletes and patients be able to determine their performance and therapy progress.

See how they developed these customized insoles through the video below:

Market-ready SmartWear

While the researchers over at ETH Zurich are continuing to develop their prototypes into accessible market-ready products, you can get your hands on similar-veined products already over at Prevayl. Prevayl created and patented SmartWear, which the brand dubbed the world’s most accurate smart clothing.

smart sportswear and 3D-​printed insoles
smart sportswear and 3D-​printed insoles
Photo Credit: @prevayl (via Instagram)

Currently, Prevayl has lines of sportswear designed for training and performance. Their pieces have the Prevayl Sensor integrated into them and these are supposed to work seamlessly with the accompanying Prevayl App to deliver game-changing performance insights. At 1,000 data points per second, the Sensor processes data concerning your heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature, body movement, and more.

Even as these impressive garments are ready to purchase, Prevayl continues to innovate alongside industry partners to make the future of fitness tangible in the present.

Photos from PREVAYL (via Instagram)

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