Why AI and Gamification are the Future of Fitness

Why AI and Gamification are the Future of Fitness


From traditional workouts to artificial intelligence-powered gamified fitness, the fitness industry continues to change on a global scale

Enough has been said about the global pandemic’s impact on the fitness industry. Now, with the rising popularity of smart, interactive, and on-demand fitness, we get to witness another offshoot of its effects—artificial intelligence (AI) and gamification.

While traditional workouts like outdoor cardio and weight training at the gym remain popular activities, equipment and gear that use AI-powered gamification are quickly becoming the next big trend. Of course, these didn’t come out of nowhere. For example, Peloton’s success showed that there’s a market for interactive at-home fitness. Now, Peloton and similar companies like NordicTrack continue to make their equipment even more powerful with AI. You also have older gamified fitness apps like Zwift and Just Dance, which showed the success of gamification techniques, such as positive reinforcement and fast-paced reward cycles.

AI and Gamification are the Future of Fitness

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These recent innovations provide people with a much-needed reprieve from traditional gym sessions. With this fresh approach to fitness, working out has never been more fun and interactive—all while enjoying the safety of our homes.

Benefits of AI and gamification

Artificial intelligence technologies being used to power workouts definitely have their merit. For one thing, machine-learning algorithms can create custom-tailored fitness plans for you. This is done by assessing and evaluating your current fitness level, goals, and preferences. We know this technology is possible with products like Altis, an AI personal trainer that provides real-time guidance. There’s also AIMOOV’s smart exercise camera that watches and corrects your movements.

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AI-powered fitness tech is also convenient and accessible. For this, you have two options: smart at-home gym equipment and wearable technology. Both eliminate the need to travel to a fitness facility and meet with personal trainers or classes. So long as you have your mirror, bike, watch, ring, headset, and the like, you can connect to your game, fitness program, or metaverse. In terms of VR games that promote fitness, you have prime examples like The Thrill of the Fight, a boxing game, and Beat Saber, a rhythm game.

AI and Gamification are the Future of Fitness

In line with that, AI tech combined with gamification techniques helps in making working out a more enjoyable experience. Apart from the interactive elements that keep people engaged, innovative products like YogiFi Smart Yoga Mat uses gamification to help users stay motivated enough to continue exercising long-term.

AI and Gamification are the Future of Fitness

Our final takeaway? We anticipate more AI-powered fitness equipment to be released in the coming years, along with more apps and programs using gamification techniques. Especially considering the recent global study revealing the Philippines’ keen interest in the metaverse, we further expect to see such technologies becoming widespread in the country once they’re made more available.

Whether or not the mentioned equipment will have staying power is up in the air, we may also see certain equipment like AI-powered mirrors become as trendy as fitness trackers due to the convenience of their intelligence. On the other hand, it is unlikely that gamified fitness will completely replace traditional workouts in gyms or classes, but there’s no doubt that it’ll be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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