What is the Difference Between Ultherapy, a Thread Lift, and a Face Lift?

What is the Difference Between Ultherapy, a Thread Lift, and a Face Lift?


Sad, but true: no matter how healthy your lifestyle is, your skin will eventually sag. We simply have to accept that aging is one reality we will inevitably face. Thankfully, for those of us who want to slow down the process, there are procedures for that, such as face lifts, ultherapy and thread lifts. We spoke to Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce Skin Clinic to discuss the difference between the three.

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Face Lift

“We usually do surgical face lifts to patients who already show severe signs of aging,” starts Dr. Reyes. “What happens here is that you open the skin and suture a mass upwards to lift the face. It is more permanent and drastic, and you will see instant lifting.” She adds that it is typically older patients who undergo this treatment, as those who show mild to moderate signs of aging can opt for other treatments.

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Before talking about their new procedure, I question Dr. Reyes about a procedure that seems to be very hot right now: ultherapy. With lifting as its primary effect and fat reduction as its secondary effect, it is no wonder that the non-evasive procedure has grown popular among those who are starting to notice facial sagging.

“Ultherapy is a highly intense ultrasound that can go very deep into the skin to stimulate lifting. I typically advise patients to do this first. Then after a few months, they can undergo fillers and threading. Patients usually undergo ultherapy in their late twenties to contour and firm the face,” she says, adding that you can indulge in it once a year.

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Happy Lift

Last but definitely not the least is Luminisce Skin Clinic’s latest treatment, Happy Lift, great for those who see mild to moderate signs of aging. It is perfect for someone who would want something more long-lasting than ultherapy but not as drastic as a face lift.

Brought to the country by Menarini, Italy’s largest bio-pharmaceutical company, the Happy Lift is described as a minimally invasive procedure that lifts and holds sagging skin with the use of unique threads.

“It’s perfect for when you see the signs of aging, but it isn’t too advanced yet. This procedure lasts for about 2-5 years, depending on lifestyle factors such as stress and smoking,” says Dr. Reyes.

Dr. Reyes also adds an important thing that both doctors and patients should be aware of, no matter what kind of treatment they undergo: “When you do your patient’s face, you shouldn’t simply know how to operate and cut. You should know how to assess your patient, their anatomy, what they want and need and how they age.”

For more information on these procedures, you can head over to luminisce.com or Luminisce Skin Clinic on Facebook. 

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