5 Celebrities Who Are So Hot You Forgot They Are Dads

5 Celebrities Who Are So Hot You Forgot They Are Dads


It’s part of the celebrity life to take care of yourself and keep yourself in shape. But these male celebs just take it to a whole new level that we almost forget they actually have kids! Seeing their photos just makes our day and to see them help their children grow up well is just an additional point for each of them.
Who doesn’t dream of having a husband like these men who effortlessly look good and apparently are parenting pros? From actors to hosts—here are five dashing celebrity dads who still manage to make all of us swoon:

Jericho Rosales

This man has already proven himself as an actor and businessman but you may have forgotten that Echo is a proud father to his son, Santino! He never fails to post his son’s achievements on Instagram while keeping us posted about his life. Talk about cool dad!

Paolo Ballesteros

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With the many faces Paolo wears on screen (and on social media), many people forget that he’s a dad—a amazing dad, for that matter. Paolo frequently shares cute little moments with his daughter on Instagram that will definitely make you go “aww”.

Boom Labrusca

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We know Boom Labrusca and Tony Labrusca. But a lot of you may have forgotten that Boom is Tony’s father. This father-son relationship is never a secret to anyone and Boom is very much proud of his son. It’s safe to say that good looks and talent runs in the Labrusca genes.

Troy Montero

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Biking, racing, traveling, hosting—it’s hard to figure out how Troy juggles all these with being a parent. And with the way Troy (and wife Aubrey) look, you’re gonna doubt that they actually already have two boys. I mean, just look at that family picture!

Paulo Avelino

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This actor surely knows how to make us go crazy with just a smile. And because Paulo strays away from sharing too much about his private life on social media, you probably forgot about his child with actress LJ Reyes.

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