How to Train Like a Professional Racing Driver, According to Bianca Bustamante

How to Train Like a Professional Racing Driver, According to Bianca Bustamante


18-year-old Filipino motorsports racing driver Bianca Bustamante tells us how she trains to not only be in shape, but to also survive on the tracks

For every professional athlete, staying in shape is vital. Not just a matter of maintaining the ideal weight, but fitness for professionals is about training to improve their athletic performance as well. The same is true for even racing drivers. While some may think it’s a less demanding sport since racing drivers just “sit and drive,” Bianca Bustamante says that this is a misconception.

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In an interview with MEGA Active, the Filipino motorsports racing driver said that drivers such as her face many physical difficulties as they race. In fact, racing drivers can lose up to three kilograms per race due to dehydration and fatigue. “It is one of the most physically taxing sports I’ve ever experienced in my life. We have to go through so much G’s [G-Force] when we’re driving and at such high speeds where we need to be able to maintain our core and maintain our neck,” she explained. With that, Bianca shared with us how she trains and maintains her performance on and off-season.

Intense training

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Remarking on the physical differences between men and women, Bianca explained that she always had to out-train her competitors to be able to go toe-to-toe with them. Training nearly everyday for long periods of time, she typically focuses on strength training along with endurance, cardio, reaction time, and reflexes.

“You know, to be a driver, it’s a complete package. It takes strength. It takes mental fortitude. It takes reflexes, smart thinking, and survival skills,” she added, so having a structured training program to account for all of that is integral to the process.

Underlining the keen reflexes needed for the sport, she further explained, “When you’re driving in the circuit and you’re going to speed around 260, every reaction that you make, every move that you make—all of it matters.” Precision is key in motorsports, that’s why it takes years and years for drivers to be at the top level of it because of how hard it can be, according to the young and award-winning professional.

Body and mind transformation

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Currently, the Filipina is competing under PREMA Racing in the inaugural all-female Formula 1 Academy series. In 2023, she also raced Formula 4 Italian, Formula 4 UAE, and USF Juniors. Her next race is taking place on October 20 to 22 at Austin for Round 7 of F1 Academy.

With these in mind, Bianca makes sure to put in the work to maximize her performance. And with help from her team and through self-discipline, she ensures she eats right—which means a lot of protein for the racing driver to build more muscle, become as lean as possible, and meet the weight requirement. “It’s been a really cool journey seeing my body develop and transform into this whole different person I never knew I could become,” she expressed gleefully.

18-year-old Filipino motorsports racing driver Bianca Bustamante shares her training routine

That being said, Bianca added that her weakest area is mentality and that it’s something she is constantly working on with positive self-talk. So, for aspiring drivers, she shared the best piece of advice given to her, which was to become more self-forgiving and to keep learning. She explained that realizing that such things as overthinking and pessimism can be normal and human, especially for someone facing a lot of pressure at a young age. 

“Of course, I put a lot of pressure on myself, but in the end, I always tell myself that as long as I give my best and I learn from it, any mistake I make is valid,” she explained. “I always try to repeat that to myself that I am valid. I’m here for a reason and there’s nothing I would rather do than be here.”

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