Celebrities Who Have Found Success As Beauty Entrepreneurs

Celebrities Who Have Found Success As Beauty Entrepreneurs


They’ve found success as the face *and* brains behind these wildly successful beauty brands

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There’s no question as to why celebrities are chosen ambassadors of many beauty brands—they’re a sight for eyes and carry with them a grand following. It only makes sense. For so long, that has been the staple: beauty line paired with a famous endorser. And it works, too. 

However, the scene seems to have changed. For the past years, we’ve seen an influx of brands with celebrities not only on the posters but at the helm too. So much so that the term, “celebrity beauty brand fatigue” has made an entrance into everybody’s vocabulary. 

While some celeb-led lines are short-lived and seem to only be for the sake of show and hype, some actually fall along the lines of trustworthy, lasting and meritorious. 

Here are some of the celeb beauty brands we think are worthy to be called glam rather than a sham.

Anne Curtis (BLK Cosmetics)

The Aussie-Filipina actress doesn’t shy away from expressing her love for all things beauty. So much so that she manifested her adoration into her very own cosmetics brand in 2017. From the shades down to the packaging and names, Curtis was present and highly invested during all levels of the creative process. 

The line’s odd name alludes to her favorite color, black. The hue connects to the products in such a way that the make-up tread on being classic, timeless, simple and uncomplicated. 

BLK paves a path for Filipinas who are seeking a no-frills beauty regimen. Curtis assures in her casual Q&A, that the brand’s universality is the best partner-in-crime to achieve your desired look—whether it be big and bold or simple and fresh. 

Vice Ganda (Vice Cosmetics

What makes the TV Host’s beauty line different from other Filipino brands is that it has built an incredible presence by means of their community, Gandoll Co.mmunity. Here, members exchange stories, advice and get access to exclusive content, invites and treats—all in all leading to an empowered clan of beauty lovers. Their tagline “Ganda for ALL,” doesn’t stay idle plastered in their marquees, but shines in their inclusiveness and affordability. 

Many morenas hold an affinity for the line as it offers products and shades that suit and easily complement Filipina skin. 

Launched the same year as BLK Cosmetics, Vice Cosmetics holds an arsenal of achievements such as selling over 1 million lipsticks in less than a year and achieving a Guiness World Record in 2018 for “Most People Applying Lipstick In One Place At The Same Time.” Perhaps one of its most notable achievements is the creation of cruelty-free and vegan U.S. formulated products. Truly the epitome of ganda with benefits! 

Jinkee Pacquiao (Jinkee Cosmetics)

A wife to one of the best boxers of all time, just like her husband, Pacquiao holds many titles under her name—from film producer to former politician. In 2020, she placed beauty entrepreneur to the long list when she launched her self-titled brand

Sourced from the world’s renowned beauty mecca, Seoul, South Korea, the line boasts of high quality make-up that delivers a punch.

Hailey Beiber (Rhode Beauty)

The American supermodel is not new to the beauty sphere. In fact, she has long joined the ranks by collaborating with several brands—such as being the ambassador of BareMinerals since 2018. 

It is also no surprise that the 25 year old is putting up her own beauty line as she is the quintessence of beauty. Besides her killer looks on the runway and being an it-girl, the model is also known to be generous with her beauty secrets and tips on her YouTube channel. 

The celebrity beauty brand that alludes to her middle name, Rhode, will holistically cover all types of products from bath and shower items, skincare products, cosmetics, hair care goods and even perfumes. According to one of her Q&A’s, the line has been in the works for quite some time and will launch in 2022. 

Kylie Jenner (Kylie Cosmetics) 

In 2018, Jenner took on an industry that was suffering from a downward trajectory and picked it right up with a massively successful marketing campaign and launch of her own beauty empire

Besides being a self-confessed beauty lover herself, her brand stemmed from flak she was receiving for her oversized lips. Jenner was being accused of using lip fillers—bad PR she later on maximized to catapult her business into a multi-dollar venture 6 months after. 

An empire that started merely as cosmetics has grown to cover an assortment of products—skincare (Kylie Skin), baby essentials (Kylie Baby), tools and even accessories like hair pins. 

Selena Gomez (Rare Beauty) 

At this point, it’s already crystal clear that celebrities are no stranger to the beauty industry. Many celebrity beauty brands share similar identities and missions such as being cruelty-free and inclusive, but Gomez’ beauty line stands out with a different goal. In an interview with Allure, she shared, “The whole time we were creating [Rare Beauty], we were always under the notion that this was going to be also about mental health and creating a safe space for people to connect.” 

With that, the pop star launched a brand that delivered quality products that eradicates the modern pressure that make-up paired with society brings. Rare Beauty is all about bringing back the fun in cosmetics and not about fitting one’s self to the world’s cookie cutter mold. 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram (@rarebeauty)

J-Lo (JLo Beauty

Questions like, “How to age gracefully like J-Lo,” and “What skincare is J-Lo using” are not unheard of. Most, if not all, are wondering how the American dancer/singer/actress manages to look so young at 52 years old. 

For these very reasons, the launch of her very own skincare brand in 2020 received an uproar. Finally, we might actually get a share of that vampire magic J-Lo possesses. The brand boasts of hard work and top-notch quality, with the actress expressing in an interview with Allure, “We went over a hundred rounds of product development to get everything right.

Rihanna (Fenty Beauty)

The superstar is renowned not only for her bop songs and top-ranking Billboard hits, but also for being unapologetically herself. Rihanna is the epitome of being yourself and this spilled over in her self-titled brand

Fenty Beauty is all about unlocking limitless possibilities through a wide array of shades and buildable products that promote inclusivity. Rihanna’s cosmetics are engineered and tried and tested by her on stage and backstage—making her the true creative genius behind the brand’s success. 

Harry Styles (Pleasing)

Styles continues the apparent trend of singers who’ve expanded their reach by conquering the beauty sphere as well. The English singer-songwriter has often made social media abuzz with his cross gender styles and high-fashion tastes. Hence, a gender-neutral beauty line comes as no surprise for fans of the superstar. 

celebrity beauty brand
Photo Courtesy of Dazed Magazine
Photo Courtesy of Dazed Magazine

According to its creator, Pleasing aims to “bring joyful experience and products and dispel the myth of binary existence.” The celebrity beauty brand only recently launched last November and it offers products such as serums and nail polish. Styles expressed that the pipeline of the brand could eventually expand and explore other items; as long as they are found pleasing

Lady Gaga (Haus Laboratories)

Capping off the long list of phenomenal artists turned beauty mogul is the ever amazing Lady Gaga. The American singer-slash-actress usually sports bold, edgy, unconventional and if we were going to be honest, sometimes bizarre make-up ensambles. But to expect the same from her beauty line is wrong. 

Instead, Gaga aims for her Haus Laboratories to be a platform for others to find confidence in themselves like she has through the “magic of make-up”. 

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