Look Of The Day: Hailey Baldwin Schools Us On How To Rock Chic Comfort

Look Of The Day: Hailey Baldwin Schools Us On How To Rock Chic Comfort


The wave of nostalgia has hit the sartorial crowd, bringing in time-honored trends like scrunchies and khaki pants back on the map but what was previously considered uncool—such as dad dressing, has been the number 1 style high fashion has been obsessed with lately. If you follow models on Instagram, you’ll know they take their off-duty style seriously. It girls like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are always on their best street style-ready get ups and if there’s anyone we look to for OOTD inspos, it’s these supermodels.
On the topic of stylish girls, it seems Hailey Baldwin has found the perfect cozy get-up for those days when you just want to dress effortless. After the opening of Louis Vuitton Archlight pop-up shop, a new version of futuristic dad sneakers was unveiled to the world. And ever the style fiend, Baldwin is one of the first to sport it. She styled the yellow and white version with distressed blue jeans, a hoodie and a chic camel coat as a statement top-off. For added coziness, she incorporated a black beanie to match. If there’s one thing we got from this look, it’s that we’re absolutely stealing it the next time we run for errands.

The beauty of streetwear is it easy-going approach to style. On days you don’t feel like making the effort to dress up, that’s when chic comfort comes in and chunky dad sneakers come to aid. Not only is it absolutely on-trend for the season, it’s great for walking. While it’s nice to get made up and wear those sock boots you love so much, it’s inevitable for us to have lazy days.
If you’re looking to recreate this look, here are some of our top picks:




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