Maris Racal Teaches Me How To Take Each Other's Perfect #OOTD

Maris Racal Teaches Me How To Take Each Other's Perfect #OOTD


Ever the style superstar, Maris Racal has mastered the art of taking the perfect photos to showcase her insta-worthy looks. So, I asked her to teach me how to take the perfect #OOTD and applied her pro tips as we took turns shooting each other!
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Just browsing through Maris Racal’s instagram account will prove to you that this showbiz darling adds style star to her being an actress and singer. From casual everyday looks to fierce street style to glamour eleganza, the multi-hyphenate keeps serving looks. And what better to show off her style than with the perfect #OOTD photos?
As one of the Vivo brand ambassadors, Maris shares her life through photos on social media. So I asked her to share her tips and tricks on taking the best #OOTD to MEGAstyle during the launch of Vivo X21. What’s the best part? We took turns applying her pro tips and taking each other’s photos!

Step 1: Go Low

A lower angle is key to maximizing the impact of your #OOTD as it elongates the subject. Anyone and everyone benefits from looking taller—your clothes looks better when you have the statuesque height of a supermodel!

Step 2: Get Curvy

For someone who’s on the petite side like me or Maris, angling your body to highlight your sexy curves is important.

Step 3: Pop Collarbones

This tried and tested trick is a favorite go-to for taking both selfies and #OOTDS. Popping your clavicles just gives an extra oomph to your photo. It’s not called the beauty bone for nothing after all!

Step 4: Awkward Hands

We’ve all been there—we never know what to do with our hands when our photos are being taken. Mari’s unexpected but oddly enlightening tip is to intentionally make your hands awkward. By posing them awkwardly, it ironically stops your hand from looking awkward in the photos.
Now that we’ve learned from the master, we’re ready to see what went down when we applied Maris’ tips on taking that perfect #OOTD. Watch below!

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