These 30th MEGA Anniversary Designers Are The Epitome Of “Grit To Great”

These 30th MEGA Anniversary Designers Are The Epitome Of “Grit To Great”


We shed the limelight on two creative geniuses that built their current empires on humble grounds.

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When you’ve finally reached greatness, people have the tendency to overlook your arduous journey. The struggles, sacrifices and humble beginnings you’ve built your foundation on are glossed over. They celebrate your success without taking into account the bigger picture which includes the story of how you got to where you are.

Here, we veer away from that kind of thoughtlessness, most especially when it comes to the impeccable career of the designers of the 30th MEGA anniversary. Instead, we dig deep into the grounds that built the empires of these creatives. And touch on how they went from grit to great and still remained to be the grounded beings they are today.

Mind you, these individuals are the epitome of wonderful paradoxes. They are extravagant in their work yet humble in nature, down to earth yet flying high. With such qualities, MEGA is even more proud to have two longtime collaborators and designers in its arsenal of talents and 30th anniversary issue.

Creatives geniuses that are no less striking, interesting and significant than their exquisite handicraft, we give you the lowdown on everything to know about them.

Furne One

It is not the first time One brought to MEGA’s platform his signature beadwork, artistic use of contrasting elements and varying ethereal silhouettes. This designer and the publication’s relationship dates all the way back to the 90s. During this time, he was the first designer to win 1st place in MEGA’s Young Designer’s Competition

30th Anniversary MEGA

Fast forward to today, One’s couture house is patronized by an impressive clientele—from superstars like Beyoncé to iconic models like Heidi Klum. Despite reaching heights that one can only dream of and now being based in Dubai, he remains grounded and supportive of his Filipino roots.

There are more waves to catch for this master couturier, and we have no doubt he’ll reach it with flying colors and with his integrity still intact. 

Michael Leyva 

The work of this designer for the 30th anniversary of MEGA is exactly like him—bold, vibrant and impeccable. Here, the signature aspects of Leyva’s work make a show-stopping entrance. From strategic cuts, vivacious silhouettes to intricate beadwork. 

30th Anniversary MEGA

However, the 32 year-old’s career wasn’t always as colorful as the hues of his 30th MEGA Anniversary editorial. He initially pursued a career as a flight attendant but ultimately felt unhappy. This career choice rooted from his finished Tourism degree from the University of Santo Tomas.

In the most tragic of ways, he found his calling in fashion when his older brother, Brian, unexpectedly passed. Brian, unlike Leyva, was already involved in and passionate about designing. However, due to his untimely death, he left unfinished business. There began Leyva’s arduous journey to becoming the famed creative he is today. He boldly took over his brother’s projects despite not having a single clue on fashion nor designing. From there, he went from strength to strength until he became the Michael Leyva who has bagged countless awards and dressed big names like Kris Aquino, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Presidential-aspirant Vice President Leni Robredo.

Perhaps one of Leyva’s greatest feats will be the fact that him being a household name in the fashion industry never once overrode his humble nature and genuine desire to empower through his gorgeous creations. 

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