Over The Years: Revisiting The Top Cover Girls Of MEGA

Over The Years: Revisiting The Top Cover Girls Of MEGA


What is a MEGA woman? And who can better exemplify than the stars who’ve given life to MEGA’s covers for the past 30 years?

Magazine covers are more than just their attractive and elaborate designs. Below the cover’s glossy finish, lies an assortment of conundrums. Who will embody this month’s chosen identity? Who will be carrying the torch and be granted the honor of taking the form of the MEGA woman?

Over the years, we’ve seen countless grace the cover of MEGA magazine—from beauty queens, superstars to It-girls. In tune with the 30th MEGA anniversary, we recount the iconic cover girls who’ve shared their stories, prowess and power in the hopes of sparking inspiration for others to live big, to live MEGA. 

Anne Curtis-Smith 

Total covers: 11

Way back in the 25th anniversary issue, Anne reigned as the MEGA cover girl with the most appearances. Today, she remains the owner of the title. 

In fact, Anne carries many titles in her arsenal—veteran actress, wife, mother, host, entrepreneur and most recently, comeback queen. After delaying her return to the industry several times due to her priorities to her 1-year-old daughter, Dahlia, and multiple surges in COVID-19, Anne’s homecoming has become a highly anticipated event. 

Nadine Lustre

Total covers: 9

Over the years and especially when COVID-19 broke loose and overtook the whole world, the 28-year-old’s persona took on a different form. Known as the other half of a renowned love team and the sweet girl on screen, Nadine has clutched on to a new identity—and we’re all for it.

From singer to actress to artist, MEGA is a witness to how this star evolved and grew to be the quintessential fearless woman in the 21st century. The years have proven that this creative’s talents are not just bound to the screen. Nadine’s prowess and range reaches to the spheres of art, direction and more—and she does it all so unapologetically whilst staying grounded.

The transition and decisions she has made have often made headlines and cause the eyebrows of the pearl clutching masses to raise. However, the way Nadine carries out her life so unapologetically is exactly what makes her so “MEGA” and inspiring. Her bold moves signal a wonderful reminder for all: your life is yours to live. So, execute it your way, don’t mind what others what have to say.

Heart Evangelista-Escudero 

Total covers: 8 

Heart’s first-ever MEGA cover in 2006, with her iconic lioness hair, is the perfect picture to headstart the description of her impressive career. Through the years the fashion icon has fully embodied the form of a MEGA woman—chic, inspiring, headstrong and multi-faceted. 

Despite her glaring and lengthy list of achievements, she remains to live life generously, kindly and wittily enough, with much heart. 

Angel Locsin Colmenares-Arce

Total covers: 8 

Angel may have laid low for quite some time in the sphere of showbiz, but the past years have proven one thing: there’s no silencing this woman. Just like the clout she brings in every MEGA cover she graces, the 36-year-old channels lashings of energy and power into her advocacies and beliefs. 

The multi-faceted actress proves time and time again that being a personality comes with great responsibility—and she satisfies that role superbly. 

Ruffa Gutierrez 

Total covers: 8

In tune with MEGA’s 30th anniversary, Ruffa also marks another year in the industry. Her statuesque beauty does not follow suit with the age of her 35-year-old career though. She remains to this day as a charismatic, iconic and lavish beaut who perfectly embodies the MEGA woman. 

The beauty queen identifies her first MEGA cover in 2000 as a time when she fully transitioned to being a woman already. In an interview for the MEGA’s silver anniversary, she shared, “When they first got me in 2000 to be on the cover, I was thrilled! You know that feeling when you’re on the cover of a magazine, and it’s one that you’ve been reading since you’re a teenager? I felt like, ‘Wow, I’m a woman now.’” 

Marian Rivera-Dantes 

Total covers: 7 

Marian is a true virtuoso in many facets of showbiz—a widely-acclaimed actress, recording artist, one of the most effective commercial models there is and more. She is also not only a superstar in the realm of the Philippines. Her talents are recognized internationally as well—with global stars desiring to work with her and recently gracing the prestigious Miss Universe 2021 pageant in Eilat, Israel as a judge.

Perhaps though, one of Marian’s greatest achievements is raising her picture-perfect family composed of her husband and actor, Dingdong Dantes, and 2 beautiful kids, Zia and Sixto. 

KC Concepcion 

Total covers: 6 

Helming the cover of MEGA when she was 16 is something that KC touts as a “game-changer” in her life. Despite it being life-altering for her, it also comes as no surprise as her mother, Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan is an avid reader of the publication and also a MEGA woman and one of the cover girls herself. 

KC, in her first cover, was donning apparel from her wardrobe. She needn’t fit herself into a different identity, her own already screamed MEGA. And to this very day, that rings true. KC still lives life unapologetically herself and it remains and always will be inspiring. 

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach 

Total covers: 6 

Another beauty queen makes it to our prestigious list. Pia, in 2015, won the universe’s heart with her show-stopping performance in the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. The model-slash-actress is indeed a true MEGA woman. This is not only because she clinched the high coveted crown and title. But also because she has continuously put the Philippines in an international spotlight. 

Pia bagged the crown with a winning statement: “I want to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confidently beautiful with a heart.” And truly she has! She’s countlessly helped Filipinos in times of calamities and is also a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for Asia and the Pacific and partner in fighting the stigma surrounding the notorious disease of aids. 

Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli 

Total covers: 6 

Joining the prestigious list of MEGA cover girls is popstar royalty, Sarah G. A true queen in her own right, she is someone who has flawlessly dominated whatever she chose to pursue. Creating mega hits? Becoming a box-office queen? Touted as one of the most outstanding performers in the land? Coach? To be one of the MEGA cover girls? With flying colors, Sarah’s achieved them all, and more. 

Sarah may have lied low the past years, but her star power is by no means fading. 

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