Rei Germar Is the Newest Peachy Face of barenbliss

Rei Germar Is the Newest Peachy Face of barenbliss


In harvesting new beauty peaches this season, content creator Rei Germar joins barenbliss as the brand’s newest face

At the towering heights of social media platforms, the digital world opened the doors to the dizzying world of beauty and fashion trends. In this vibrant landscape comes the rise of many names and faces that we’ve come to follow and trust, but there’s one who is quickly and steadily owning up to her unique, individual styleRei Germar

Rei Germar
Rei Germar is the newest ambassador of barenbliss

The social media influencer, beauty, and lifestyle content creator has grown to become an internet darling with cute styles, product reviews, shopping hauls, and personal life updates. Over the past few years, she’s become a young woman who has made cyberspace her home court with her fun adventures and ever-changing fashionable fits.

With her natural charm, relatable content, and distinctive aesthetic, Rei celebrates a new season of her life as the latest ambassador of the Korean beauty brand barenbliss.

A season of peach

Historically, peaches symbolize happiness, beauty, and vitality, tied to their early bloom season and lush fruits. Now, in anticipation of 2024, Pantone has just announced Peach Fuzz as color of the year, complementing the peachy campaign season of barenbliss. In this project, Rei invites everyone to cherish the joy of creating new memories and embrace blissful beauty. 

Rei Germar barenbliss Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint
Rei’s perfect match is the Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint

The New Harvest video showcases the influencer’s style and the brand’s overall pink motif. With feminine and dreamy visuals, Rei embodies the sophisticated yet playful new Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint shades. This sweet peach-scented lip tint creates a stained, shiny lip with six natural goodness and a soft-lustrous milky light gel color.

As Rei’s peach perfect match, it also has concentrated shades that create youthful sheers for more intense colors. For all of her dainty feels, she’s got this peach lip tint that can make her look timeless, graceful, and elegant.

Completing the look

With a massive online following and being always on the cusp of what’s trending, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of comments, and even easier to become someone you’re not. Not in the case of Rei, however. She’s as real as it gets. Fearless, she sets an example on her social media accounts, encouraging women to be true to themselves by wearing whatever they want and not listening to what others may think.

Rei makes a name for herself through the power of her playful beauty and distinctive style, the same identity and individualism that barenbliss resonates with. Setting new trends and things to try on, she completes her clean makeup look with barenbliss’ eye duo essentials: the Roll To Volume Mascara and Like A Pro Brow Pomade. 

Rei Germar boosts her lashes with Roll To Volume Mascara
Rei boosts her lashes with Roll To Volume Mascara
Achieve flawless brows like Rei Germar with Like A Brow Promade
Achieve flawless brows like Rei with Like A Brow Promade

Rei boosts her lashes with Roll To Volume Mascara featuring nourishing Jojoba Oil and a large bristle brush for fuller, thicker-looking lashes from root to tip. For those flawless brows, she uses a creamy, full-pigment, and waterproof brow pomade with a built-in angled brush, allowing a precise and controlled application that quickly fills in and shapes your brow for up to 24 hours.

Wherever the sweet moments of life take Rei, she knows she’s at the right place when her heart is full, her mind is at peace, and her confidence in her face and skin radiates even outside the screen. 

Find your peach perfect match by visiting barenbliss’ Facebook and Instagram, and shop them on Shopee, LazadaMall, and TikTok Shop.

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