The 12 Best Holiday Makeup Looks By Celebrity Makeup Artists You’ll Want To Recreate

The 12 Best Holiday Makeup Looks By Celebrity Makeup Artists You’ll Want To Recreate


Celebrate the holiday season in glam by taking inspiration from these Filipino celebrities, makeup artists, and influencers. From soft glam to full glam, there’s something for everyone

This year in beauty can be characterized as the era of joyful self-expression, from creative micro-trends to lasting appreciation for the classics. So why not end the year the way we began it? Ahead, you’ll find a range of soft glam and full glam makeup looks you can look forward to recreating this holiday season, perfect for all the parties and seasonal gatherings between family and friends. Even better, there’s one makeup look dedicated for each day we have left from now until the first day of 2024.

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1. Hot chocolate makeup

Pia Wurtzbach in chocolatey glam
Pia Wurtzbach in chocolatey glam; Photo: PIA WURTZBACH (via Instagram)

To start us off, we have beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach to take our cues from. Care of celebrity hairstylist Jeck Aguilar and makeup artist Justin Louise Soriano, Pia is rocking 90s-esque vibes with her matte reddish brown lipstick shade and side part. Other details of note are the brown matte eyeshadow, softly highlighted skin, shimmering inner corners, wispy lashes, and burgundy nails.

2. The chocolate glaze

Nadine Lustre in chocolate glaze makeup
Nadine Lustre in chocolate glaze makeup; Photo: NADINE LUSTRE (via Instagram)

Think of this Nadine Lustre beauty moment as the glossy cousin to the earlier makeup look. Between the brown lip, brown eyeshadow, and contour, the difference between the two is the glossy lips and ultra-shimmery high points. Add in the boozy blush and slick lob, and you can steal the show, just as celebrity makeup artist Jelly Eugenio and hairstylist Paul Nebres must have intended.

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3. The purple smoke show

Mariel Padilla in a purple smokey eyeshadow look
Mariel Padilla in a purple smokey eyeshadow look; Photo: MARK KINGSON QUA (via Instagram)

Perfect for a holiday party, this soft glam look done by celebrity makeup artist Mark Kingson Qua on Mariel Padilla is a lesson on mixing minimalism with maximalism. This can be achieved by swapping out the black eyeshadow for a deep purple to create a more alluring smokey eye. With the eyes being the star of the show, leave the rest of your face almost bare with barely-there blush and a peachy lip.

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4. Green glitter

Anne Curtis with green, glittery lids
Anne Curtis with green, glittery lids; Photo: ROBBIE PIÑERA (via Instagram)

In the same vein, why not play around with more color? ‘Tis the season for green, after all. Here, celebrity makeup artist Robbie Piñera applied a sage green shimmer over Anne Curtis’ lids up to her brow bone. Following that, he lets her natural beauty shine to keep the focus on her eyes with just a touch of blush, some pink pigment on her hydrated lips, brow gel, and mascara.

5. Glimmering sunset

Atasha Muhlach’s orange birthday glam makeup
Atasha Muhlach’s orange birthday glam makeup; Photo: ROBBIE PIÑERA (via Instagram)

Let all your fears against using bold colors disappear this season by replicating Atasha Muhlach’s birthday glam. Care of Robbie Piñera once again, this makeup look uses warm hues to bring a nice dimension to the face, along with gold shimmers and a subtle wing to accentuate the eyes. Robbie then topped off Atasha’s birthday glam with a bright pink lip lacquer. 

6. Cool toned beauty

Janine Gutierrez in cool-toned glam
Janine Gutierrez in cool-toned glam; Photo: ANTHEA BUENO (via Instagram)

This next beauty edit by celebrity makeup artist Anthea Bueno on Janine Gutierrez is the perfect inspiration for a cool-toned full glam look. The blinding highlight, cutting contour, radiant skin, and glossy, softly-lined lips all set the stage for the true star of the show: smokey metallic eyeshadow and an earthy halo.

7. Vampy holiday glam

Catriona Gray in vampy holiday glam
Catriona Gray in vampy holiday glam; Photo: JELLY EUGENIO (via Instagram)

Dubbed by Jelly Eugenio as a “vampy holiday glam,” this makeup look on Catriona Gray will be a fun challenge for beauty enthusiasts at home. With the pop of pink, it’s a fun play on the dark feminine aesthetic of vampire beauty, but it maintains its sultry and 90s-esque appeal with the addition of thinner brows, spindly lashes, and plum-colored gloss.

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8. Graphic liner

Bretman Rock in white graphic liner
Bretman Rock in white graphic liner; Photo: BRETMAN ROCK (via Instagram)

If you want to let your skin breathe between full glam beats but still want to bring the drama to your next social event, why not go for a graphic liner? After all, there’s no better time than the holidays for just that. One great option you can go for is Bretman Rock’s white graphic liner look. Once you’ve got the desired shape down, you can pair it with matte chocolate lipstick while keeping your base looking fresh and dewy.

9. Metallic shimmer

Kylie Verzosa's metallic makeup look
Kylie Verzosa’s metallic makeup look; Photo: ANTHEA BUENO (via Instagram)

Get back to regular programming with this metallic-focused beauty edit by Anthea Bueno. Kylie Verzosa looked stunning with the tonal silver and grey eyeshadow, which came with a touch of shimmer on top and a subtle wing. The rest of her face was kept radiant and warm with bronzer, a striking highlighter, and a nude gloss.

10. Brown winged eyeliner

Julia Barretto in brown winged eyeliner
Julia Barretto in brown winged eyeliner; Photo: ROBBIE PIÑERA (via Instagram)

Regardless of the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a winged liner and glossed lips. Here, Robbie Piñera paired together a brown winged eyeliner with a matte neutral eyeshadow for Julia Barretto. To further accentuate her natural beauty, he kept it simple with softly highlighted skin and pink gloss.

11. Sun-kissed flush

Chie Filomeno with a sun-kissed flush
Chie Filomeno with a sun-kissed flush; Photo: ANTHEA BUENO (via Instagram)

This glam by Anthea Bueno on Chie Filomeno is another must-try for the holiday season. It’s a soft radiant look with an ample application of blush for a sun-kissed flush and has just the right amount of shimmer and smokiness to accentuate one’s doe eyes. The look is then completed by a powder pink pigment and clear gloss on the lips.

12. The classic red lip

AC Bonifacio in the classic red lip
AC Bonifacio in the classic red lip; Photo: AC BONIFACIO (via Instagram)

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On the 12th day, New Year’s to be exact, we’re bringing it back to the classics: a bold red lip. Putting on a matte red lipstick is the perfect way to celebrate the first day of 2024. Makeup artist Celine Co capped off this beauty edit on AC Bonifacio by keeping the base even and her eyes lined with black. There is, of course, the option to further accentuate them by adding a shimmery liner to the bottom of the eyes as they had done.

Featured Image: ANTHEA BUENO (via Instagram)

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