The Complete Guide to Dressing For a Pilates Class

The Complete Guide to Dressing For a Pilates Class


Interested in taking up pilates classes but don’t quite know how to dress for them? Here’s what you should know about the dress code

Pilates is a popular workout. Though it attained internet virality through mentions of the “Pilates Body”—typically toned, lean, and elongated—you’ll often see real-life pilates classes attended by people with different body types, ages, and fitness backgrounds. After all, pilates is both a low-impact workout and a mind-body exercise, so it appeals to many people.

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You may have already gleaned from workout videos online that the common attire for women is the sports bra and leggings combo. While you shouldn’t feel restricted to just that, there is a reason behind it. For one thing, fitted clothing allows your instructor to observe your movements and check your body’s alignment. Bulky embellishments like zippers and clasps can also slow you down and get caught in the equipment.

And in case you haven’t heard, we skip shoes at pilates, too. You can go barefoot at home, but as a matter of hygiene, you should wear socks to the facility. There’s more to it than that, so read ahead for the complete girl’s guide to dressing up for a pilates class.

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As mentioned, fitted clothing is the preferred uniform for a fitness class so that the instructor can watch over you. When it comes to tops, you’re perfectly allowed to wear such things as sports bras, tanks, and long-sleeved shirts. So long as what you’re wearing is comfortable, you’re good to go. But be wary of wearing baggy clothing as it could snag in the heavy equipment.

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As for bottoms, we suggest you opt for stretch leggings and shorts—anything you can trust to not chafe and restrict your movements. Athletic skirts are a rising trend, too, so feel free to wear those if you feel at your most confident wearing them.

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Onesies are another popular choice since you won’t need to concern yourself with matching separate pieces of clothing. It may take some time to find the perfect ones for you in a store, but they’re definitely worth the hype. With these, you can balance comfort and function along with style.


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These are optional, but preferable to the types of people who find comfort in being covered. Shrugs give you a chance to mix up your daily exercise attire all while keeping the chill away. It can’t be denied that they look great, too.

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Last but not least, you’ll need socks for pilates classes. Specifically, the kind of socks that have a grip bottom so that you don’t slip. Besides helping to keep you from slipping, these socks can help protect your feet and provide a little more stability as you hold your poses.

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