Unveil the Sparkle of Jhaena Jewels at Their Flagship Opening

Unveil the Sparkle of Jhaena Jewels at Their Flagship Opening


At Olangapo City, founder Haena Sia-Foo graciously invites MEGA into the world of Jhaena Jewels, where every facet of the brand sparkles with purpose

Luxury often requires a journey abroad. We pack up our bags, fold our tickets, and check our passports—not once or twice, but several times that a sparkle of jewelry may seem worth the trip. But what happens when, for good measure, opulence is available here? Haena Sia-Foo, drawn by her mother’s fascination with jewelry, ventured to redefine sophistication with Jhaena Jewels. In our exclusive conversation, the founder unveils the brand’s identity, craftsmanship, and dedication to empowering local communities through shimmering prospects.

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Unveil Jhaena Jewels at Their Flagship Opening in Olangapo City MEGA
The opening of the flagship store at Olangapo City

“Actually, she inspires me in a way that she’s the one who really loves jewelry so much,” Sia-Foo shares of her mother with a fond smile, her gaze drifting to the delicate adornments gracing her fingers and hanging around her decolletage. “Some pieces that I’m wearing right now are heirlooms from her. She’s the one who inspires me in doing Jhaena Jewels.”

“At the same time, of course, my clients also,” she muses, her eyes alight with gratitude as she reflects on the relationship that has fueled her journey. “They make me stronger, they make me better, and they’re the ones who motivate me to give more quality pieces.”

Unveil Jhaena Jewels at Their Flagship Opening in Olangapo City MEGA
Aubrey Miles, Olongapo City Mayor, Atty. Rolen Paulino Jr., Jhaena Jewels CEO Haena Sia-Foo with husband, co-founder and CFO Justin Foo, and Gabby Concepcion

While Sia-Foo doesn’t personally craft the jewelry, her involvement in the process is profound. “I always go to different countries and then I’d be the one to check the pieces,” she explains. With a discerning eye, she handpicks each piece, ensuring that Jhaena Jewels exude quality and sophistication. “There’s a personal touch in every piece that we sell,” she adds.

Travel holds cherished memories, but jetting off solely to acquire jewelry seems extravagant when the jewelry brand offers a more cost-effective solution. Not only are they the sole Philippine distributor of value-packed gems sourced directly from manufacturers, but their commitment to supporting resellers fosters community livelihoods, resulting in more affordable prices compared to other brands. The flagship store, nestled in Olangapo City, invites collectors with a diverse array of handmade jewelry, crafted from materials sourced from Italy, Japan, and Hong Kong, making luxury accessible to all Filipinos.

Unveil Jhaena Jewels at Their Flagship Opening in Olangapo City MEGA
CEO Haena Sia-Foo

With the talk of local craftsmanship, the anticipation for potential collaborations with Filipino artisans hung in the air. Haena Sia-Foo’s response was brimming with optimism and determination, reflecting the brand’s determined commitment to its roots. “Yes, definitely,” Sia-Foo affirms with a spark of enthusiasm. “But now, we are still learning, we are focused on our website and then the flagship store.”

They aim to establish a solid foundation before venturing into new collaborations. Their priority is to ensure that Jhaena Jewels becomes synonymous with quality and excellence. In their quest for growth and innovation, Sia-Foo emphasizes the importance of laying sturdy groundwork before embarking on local collaborations. “Filipino padin tayo.

Unveil Jhaena Jewels at Their Flagship Opening in Olangapo City MEGA CATRIONA GRAY
Catriona Gray

The collaboration with Catriona Gray ignited like a flame, sparked by an unexpected encounter during one of Sia-Foo’s Facebook live sessions. “Catriona said “hi” during my Live, so I was so happy because she’s my favorite Miss Universe!” she exclaims. It was a no-brainer. And so, a fiery collaboration was born, fusing beauty, grace, and purpose in a scorching display of passion.

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Unveil Jhaena Jewels at Their Flagship Opening in Olangapo City MEGA
CFO Justin Foo, Catriona Gray, and CEO Haena Sia-Foo

Haena Sia-Foo leads the charge in innovation and social responsibility. With a keen understanding of marketing dynamics and a deep-seated commitment to community welfare, the founder adeptly charts the intricate paths of international trade, blending pragmatism with empathy. In her, we glimpse the identity of a brand powered by purpose, guided by integrity, and devoted to making a meaningful impact on the world. Like a shimmering jewel reflecting her mother’s love, Jhaena Jewels radiates brightly under her daughter’s inspired leadership.


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