Bae Or Nay: Male Celebrity Looks That Totally Shook Us In The Past Week!

Bae Or Nay: Male Celebrity Looks That Totally Shook Us In The Past Week!


From Zac Efron to Justin Bieber: are we digging these celebrities’ new looks?

It’s very typical for celebrities to change their dos every once in a while. But with them ranging from drastic to “that’s it”, reactions also range from “okay” to “okurr!” And when these male celebrities totally changed their looks, the internet was set on fire. Now, it’s time to judge: are these celebs “bae” or “nay” with their looks that sent the internet on a roaring mess?

Zac Efron

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Dreadlocks? In this economy? Zac Efron seems to have forgotten that he’s friends with black people that he decided to do this and tag it as “just for fun”. Well, Zac, it’s not really funny. Sorry not sorry, Efron, we’re totally not into this 4th of July surprise.
Final Verdict: A whopping NAY!


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Everyone thought it was unreal. It could probably be photoshop but when the preview for a variety show surfaced the internet wearing the same electric blue do, everyone went crazy. It’s not a drill, Crush is coming back with a new album and that do. Guess who’s crushing on Crush now?
Final Verdict: Yay!

Justin Bieber

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Perhaps, it’s the friendship with Post Malone but Justin Bieber‘s new look didn’t come off as a surprise to everyone. He had long been growing out his hair and that’s okay. Until he flexed that mustache on his IG story. We’re totally not here for it. But thank goodness he shaved them all off just before his engagement with Hailey Baldwin!
Final Verdict: A sad nay…

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