3 Ways To Make Your Jade Roller Work

3 Ways To Make Your Jade Roller Work


Initially, I was doubtful that a jade roller was anything more than a pretty little ornament used to add some luxury to your skincare routine. But after recommendations from a few people and coming across articles that claimed of the tool’s wonders, I decided to give it a chance. True enough, the inevitable face bloat that came after staying up late was nowhere to be found. In addition to this, my skin looked more smooth and supple when I woke up. “Where was this jade roller when we were in college?” I asked practically every skincare-obsessed batch mate I bumped into since then.

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However, not everyone reports of a first-time experience as positive as mine. According to a little research, the reason for this way be because we aren’t using jade rollers the right way. If you’re starting to get impatient with yours, use these 3 tips for maximum effectiveness:

Jade Roller

1. Use it cold

If facial bloat and under eye puffiness is a constant problem, a jade roller could be the tool for you. While it already has a cooling effect to it, some prefer to (safely) store the product in the fridge or freezer for extra de-puffing action.

2. Roll in a gentle, upwards motion

Once, I came across my father using his very own jade roller rather vigorously (yes, this was one of the many anti-aging products I had convinced him to try). I had to explain to him that to prevent wrinkles in the long run, using it in a gentle, upwards motion is ideal, focusing on one area at a time. Beauty guru Gothamista explains it best in this YouTube video.

3. Use with a facial oil or serum

After cleansing, many users like to grab their favorite facial oil or serum before reaching for their jade roller. Doing this helps make your face absorb the product better, preparing it for the next step in your skincare routine.


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