Dance Fitness Classes in Manila That Burn More Calories Than A Gym Session

Dance Fitness Classes in Manila That Burn More Calories Than A Gym Session


Dancing definitely counts as exercise. Here’s the lowdown on the dance fitness trend, its benefits, and where to take classes for it in Metro Manila

Don’t mistake exercise to be a monotonous activity. If the rote routine is what’s holding you back, then dance fitness could be for you. From bungee fitness to vertical climbing cardio, dance is just the next fitness trend to sweep the community. Certainly, it’s a fun way to add more movement into your day-to-day, and it’s a workout you can always change up. To get the lowdown on this fitness trend, read ahead for our list of benefits, dance styles, and suitable studios in Metro Manila.

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More than just a passing fad

Dance cardio

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Though we associate dancing more with entertainment, it is also a highly effective workout. Even ballroom dancing counts as a moderate workout since it gets your heart pumping and your body moving. In fact, the use of dance for health and fitness has been studied for decades, but it’s especially trendy now due to the rising popularity of certain dance studios in the Philippines. Studies show that it’s not just physical benefits you can expect either, but social and mental health benefits as well.

According to research, dancing has several benefits, with notable ones being better heart health, stronger muscles, improved balance and coordination, stronger bones, reduced stress, and improved mood. And it’s not just fun and beneficial, but dance fitness is accessible and inclusive, too. Unlike some other forms of exercise that may require specialized equipment or a specific fitness level, dance can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, regardless of age, body type, or skill level.

The holistic health benefits

Dance fitness

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As a full-body exercise, dancing gets you to engage multiple muscle groups in one session. It’s also worth noting that you can burn anywhere from 200 to 500 calories in an hour, depending on the intensity of your dance, which is not unlike the amount of calories you could burn from a routine run or an open session at the gym.

We know that daily exercise is overall beneficial to one’s health, but delving deeper into the social and mental health aspects of it, you may also be interested to know that dancing—particularly through group classes and partner dances—can help you develop better social skills and improve your self-esteem. This is because dancing is a stress reliever, a form of self-expression, and an avenue for community. It also taps into your happy hormones, which can then help manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Furthermore, hopping on the dance fitness trend can improve your cognitive function and memory. It is a brain-stimulating activity after all since learning and remembering dance routines requires mental focus and concentration. All these benefits considered, what’s not to love?

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Must-try dance styles


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As mentioned, the amount of calories you burn depends on the intensity of your chosen dance. That’s why the people who dance specifically to lose weight go for the high-energy dance styles. You can also tailor your workout experience based on your individual fitness goal. Like if your goal hinges more on developing a lithe and flexible body with great posture and balance, then slower-paced dance forms like ballet or contemporary dance are great options for you.

Some other popular and highly effective dance styles you can opt for to improve your cardiovascular health include Zumba, hip-hop, and salsa. Zumba, as you may know, is a high-energy type of dance that combines Latin and other international music into a choreographed program. Hip-hop is another high-energy dance style that is more dynamic and is typically most useful for boosting strength and coordination. Finally, salsa is a lively and rhythmic partner dance that offers not just a full-body workout but an opportunity to build confidence and stronger social bonds.

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Where to go for dance fitness classes

If we’ve managed to convince you to give the dance fitness trend a shot, then pay close attention to this list. Here, we’re listing some of the best and trendiest studios in Metro Manila, plus other spots where you can express yourself freely.

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Many fitness studios offer dance classes in the Philippines. One of the first places you can check out is Surge Fitness + Lifestyle, where various group classes are offered, such as Pop Dance, Zumba, and Belly Dance. There’s also Slimmers World International to consider since they offer classes like Aero Hip-hop, Dance Fusion, Retro Dance, and Belly Dancing.

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And no list would be complete without 808 Studio, Manila’s first boutique dance fitness studio. Here, they offer four classes: 808 Signature, 808 Originals, 808 Covers, and 808 Kids. Notably, 808 Signature is a 45-minute dance fitness party integrating cardio and strength, while 808 Covers is a 75-minute choreography class where they teach the exact moves seen in popular music videos and concert performances.

The trendiest dance spots and studios

Victoria Velasco in Polecats Manila
Photo: POLECASTS MANILA (via Instagram)

Of course, traditional gyms and fitness studios aren’t your only options. Maybe dance studios are more up your alley if you want to explore dance as an artistic expression. There’s Nude Floor, a multidisciplinary art studio, where you can join different classes to learn everything from hip-hop and party dance to jazz and contemporary. There’s also Polecats Manila, an aerial arts studio and performance group that offers classes in aerial arts and pole fitness. In case you haven’t heard of it, pole fitness is an extension of pole dancing, but where the pole is used as fitness equipment for aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

Again, any dance style is an exercise, so even a night out with your friends can be a productive workout. If you’d rather dance for the social and mental health benefits, then check out The Studio Dance Club in Makati. There, you can dance your heart out on Thursday Swing days, Disco Fridays, or even Retro Boogie Nights on Saturdays. Similarly, for retro nights, you can go to Wildflour BGC for disco, drinks, and dancing every Friday.

Final takeaway

Dance lesson

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To sum it all up, remember that dancing doubles as artistic expression and exercise. Because of that, it offers several physical, mental, and social health benefits, making it a popular choice for people looking to stay active and healthy. And because there are so many dance styles, you don’t have to worry about it turning into a monotonous task. Indeed, dance is a fun and refreshing activity that everyone should try. So, whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner, consider joining the dance fitness trend that is sweeping the world.

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