Here’s How to Get Strong Like a Ballet Dancer

Here’s How to Get Strong Like a Ballet Dancer


You can attain a “dancer body” without being one. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of training like a ballet dancer with videos you can follow along to from the comfort of your home

Ballerinas may conventionally look slim, but it takes real strength to do what they do. In fact, they are comparable to elite athletes as it takes immense strength and flexibility to move as they do on stage. As ballet is an elite art form, dancers, in turn, have to undergo elite training to have a powerful body with excellent flexibility and posture. And with so many dancers turning to the internet to share their experiences, some of their training routines are public and can be mimicked at home. This means that you can attain a “dancer body” without having to be one—if you have the patience and diligence for it, of course.

Louisa Paterson, the founder of "Train Like a Ballerina"
Photo: LOUISA PATERSON (via Instagram)

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That being said, keep in mind that results will vary. How one routine shapes another’s body won’t necessarily result in the same for you. That’s because of factors simply outside of your control, like your skeletal anatomy. Even still, the strength, flexibility, and posture ballet dancers display are admirable and there are certainly health benefits to the exercises they do. With that, here’s a rundown of the kind of exercises you’d have to do to get strong like a ballerina.


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Barre is a ballet-inspired low-impact workout you can perform at home or in a studio. A challenging barre workout can strengthen your muscles and improve your overall mobility. Another known benefit of barre is how it boosts your endurance and stamina due to the length and intensity of the exercise. Researchers also found that barre has a positive impact on the level of physical fitness and the health of women.


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We’ve written plenty about the benefits of pilates. That it can help you achieve the long and lithe body type of a ballet dancer is second only to the practical benefits of this workout since doing this consistently can improve your functional movement and individual health level. Pilates is also a common exercise among ballerinas since performing it maintains their muscles and core strength.


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Yoga is another dancer mainstay. Noted not only for its calming effects, yoga is a more beginner-friendly workout that similarly helps to increase muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. Researchers have also observed that biweekly yoga sessions stretched over 10 weeks can significantly improve flexibility and balance.

Featured Image: ISABELLE BOSHER (via Instagram)

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