A Guide on Fitness Studios to Visit in Metro Manila, According to Your Goals

A Guide on Fitness Studios to Visit in Metro Manila, According to Your Goals


Have a fitness goal this 2024 that you’re committed to reaching? Check out these seven studios in Metro Manila that can help with that, whether your goal is to lose weight or deadlift twice your weight

With every new year comes the creation of new fitness goals, the most common of which is to get fit. Though exercise is a healthy choice, vague goals aren’t sustainable in the long run, especially for those with a sedentary lifestyle. In reality, the way to success is by making specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.) goals—but that’s not where the work ends.

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To ease the transition from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one, you need the right tools at your disposal. One solution? Fitness studios. To help you along, we’ve listed seven different fitness studios in Metro Manila that could match your fitness goals for 2024.

For the ones just starting

Is your fitness goal to work out every week, but you’re completely new to fitness studios and intimidated by gym culture? If so, check out Stark Fitness San Antonio. Not only do they have all the essential equipment, offer personal training, and are open 24/7, but they also have fun and engaging fitness classes that every beginner can confidently join, namely Pound and Bungee Jumping.


Put more lift, fluidity, and lightness into your motions than you would in a typical floor workout. bungeefitness You can now book your spot on ClassPassPH for Bungee Fitness Class. Hurry! Limited Slots only! Visit us 📷 2nd Floor San Antonio Place, Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City. Be a Stark member now and start your fitness journey with us! For more information Contact us @ 0976 2811 858, 0998 9980 258 starkfitnessph bungeefitness StarkFitness gym motivation workout selfimprovement GXClass

♬ original sound – Starkfitness Gym San Antonio – Starkfitness Gym San Antonio

For the weight watchers

Itching to get rid of fat and transform your body? BARE in BGC is just what you’d need as it promises the world’s most effective workouts. Their recipe for success? A special blend of HIIT and weights. There are two classes offered at BARE: BLACK and Lab. BLACK, in particular, is called the “calorie killer” as the workout is said to burn 1,000 calories in 55 minutes.

For the heavy lifters

If deadlifting twice your body weight is something you want to achieve next, Kinetix Lab could help with that. It has branches in Quezon City, Mandaluyong, and Makati, and caters to different needs, but the training programs designed for powerlifters, bodybuilders, and strongman athletes are worth mentioning. They also offer a Barbell Class, which focuses on barbell techniques, including the bench press, deadlift, and clean and jerk movements.

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For the racers

Are you craving to enhance your racing performance? Whether it’s to train your endurance for marathon running or refine your skill in obstacle course racing (OCR), Pretty Huge should be your go-to. Pretty Huge in BGC is a premium multi-sports complex that has—among its many facilities—a 100-meter indoor elevated running track and an obstacle course. Likewise, it offers an OCR class designed to physically and mentally challenge an athlete.

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For the aspiring fighters

Is your fitness goal to learn how to fight? If so, make The Lab your first stop. It’s a gym equipped with the right facilities, equipment, and coaches that can teach you how to box and do martial arts like Muay Thai and Jiu-jitsu. The Lab also has two branches in Makati and BGC, creating a lively community of fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

For the adventure seekers

Dreaming to reach new heights in terms of your fitness? Specifically, learning to pull your weight and free climb? Managing pull-ups is certainly an impressive feat, and so is embarking on the great outdoors to boulder. To reach that point, visit Climb Central, an indoor rock climbing gym in Mandaluyong. Here, you can sign up for climbing programs where instructors will teach you safety systems and climbing techniques.

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For the ones on a wellness kick

If you want to maintain your mind and body connection, mind-body exercises are perfect for just that reason as you can tend to both your physical and mental health through movements that promote breathwork, enhance muscles, and improve mobility. Key examples are yoga and pilates, and Vida Yoga in BGC and Alabang is the perfect studio for such classes. 

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Jannie Alipo-on in Vida Yoga
Photo: VIDA YOGA (via Instagram)

Through it all, don’t forget that results are never instantaneous. You won’t reach your goal weight healthily in a matter of days, nor can you reach your physical peak after completing one class. Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to prioritize healthy habits over results, because everybody’s body is built differently and at the end of the day, we just want to live long and live well, right? 

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