Jewelry And Art Come Together For The Launch Of Eyes Wide Open VERO Collection

Jewelry And Art Come Together For The Launch Of Eyes Wide Open VERO Collection


Marrying the objects of art through one-of-a-kind artisanal fine jewellery and abstract art paintings, VERO collaborates with Sheila Osmeña-Go for the launch of Eyes Wide Open.

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VERO is wearable art that evokes a lot of character,” shares VERO Founder, jeweler G Young. “The infinite and one-of-a-kind designs cater to different tastes and personalities.” As I step inside The Grill Room of Manila House Private Club, I was welcomed to a sight of endless interpretations of abstract art such as paintings bursting in colors, and a jewelry collection with stories that would draw in a personal experience to whoever would land eyes on it. As these art pieces resonate to your thoughts and emotions, it inadvertently lets you get in touch with your inner self.

Just how the name of her new collection goes, G wanted us to see the world with eyes wide open, to see untapped talent and overlooked beauty. “So, meaning to say, if you see the world—eyes wide open, the doors open up for you. Then, you get to create more out of the box,” shares G. 

What I saw upon a closer look were intricate and elegant investment pieces exuding different expressions. “You need focus, discipline, passion, and an overflowing supply of guts. I think out of the box and rarely stick to convention, which makes my pieces stand out,” says G. 

The VERO Founder sees her pieces very compatible with empowered, driven, chic, and versatile Filipina women boosting with confidence, and courage to pull off the jewelry. Every piece from the collection is very close to her heart, but she has her current favorite—Eyes Wide Open, made with emerald, green, and canary yellow diamonds, carrying the name of the whole collection.

After meeting at an event, they knew how their views on art can form a collaboration for a launch that overflows in artistic vigor. For artist Sheila Osmeña-Go’s first exhibit, each of her painting carries memorable and joyful experiences.

They are a form of spiritual release. I express my emotions when I paint,” shares Sheila. Each stroke of the brush is very therapeutic for me. I choose colors and techniques based on what I want to express.”

Both Sheila and G, who finds joy expressing themselves, would travel to places to enhance their art. The artist, who’s also a mother of two, enjoys getting inspiration by just staying at home, as well. A preference for abstract painting has always been present for Sheila. “I enjoy how I can hear all these interpretations of my art and each one captures a facet of the emotions ,or story, or truth I wanted to convey,” adds Sheila. 

You can get your own VERO Jewellery at the VERO & ESCARIO store and showroom, located at Level 1, Ayala Center Cebu. For more information on VERO Jewellery, you can check their Instagram and Facebook accounts @verofinejewellery or visit their website For Sheila Osmeña-Go’s quotations and made-to-order pieces, you can check her Instagram account

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