7 Netflix Shows With Stylish Characters Who Will Inspire Your Next OOTD

7 Netflix Shows With Stylish Characters Who Will Inspire Your Next OOTD


Netflix might just be the right place to find inspiration for your next OOTD!

Netflix is probably one of many people’s favorite past time. We spend so much time browsing through the many shows available on the platform. From classic favorites like FRIENDS and Gossip Girl to brand new original shows that just got in our watchlist—it is simply packed with everything we want and need. But there’s more to it than just really good series and movies. Some might just have the right inspiration for your next OOTD!
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You might be used to surfing the net for fashion inspo but that has to stop now. Drop Pinterest and Instagram for now and log in to your Netflix account. You’re totally overlooking this platform filled with all the inspiration you need to keep your style on point! Here are all the shows you need to keep you inspired to pull off the best OOTD any day:


If this isn’t the perfect OOTD inspiration, I don’t know what is. From thrifting methods to actual styling, this has got to be your go-to fashion show! Plus, it’s (loosely) based on a true story. You might also get some life inspirations as a bonus!

Dear White People

Woke, fun, and fashionable. People might be overlooking the fact that the people in this show are dressed really well. So if you’ve already seen this show, I suggest a rerun. Thank me later!

Stranger Things

The 80’s aesthetic is not dying any time soon. From simple styling to the right mood for your #OOTD photo, get all the inspiration you can get from this hit show!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

You’re gonna have a really weird fashion sense if you’ve been stuck in an underground cult for years. But for someone who experienced the same thing, Kimmy has a pretty cute fashion statement. She’s preppy, fun, and simply adorable!


Many were sad with the cancellation of this really cool series. But we can always recall all the best moments of this series in the platform—plus, their individual fashion statements!


One word: badass. Mix body positivity with grunge fashion and you’ll get the perfect Heathers 2018 style!


If you think Riverdale is just about the varsity jackets and cheerleader uniforms, you might want to think that twice. Every character has their own style and you’re gonna want to cop all of them!

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