Here’s How to Look Sexy and Supported at the Gym

Here’s How to Look Sexy and Supported at the Gym


Need help in mastering the art of looking put together at the gym? Here’s a guide to help you along, from activewear and athleisure to wearables and accessories

Going to the gym can be a scary prospect for all those starting out, but what helps ease the anxiety is putting care in your appearance. While we want to urge everyone to dress exactly in the way that brings them comfort, there is a method of gym dressing that balances both form and function. If you’ve ever wondered how to look as put together as the fitness influencers you catch online, here’s a guide into activewear, athleisure, and other accessories that we find essential.


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It’s all about colors and fit

The simple answer to a polished gym look is this: minimalistic monochrome. It can be achieved by selecting items with clean lines, compression, and timeless silhouettes. Neutral colors like black and white are easy to work with to create a polished one-hue outfit, but you can also pick colors like beige, taupe, and cream to create an overall tonal look that’s easy on the eyes. Moving away from kitschy and bold dressing, being in a monochrome outfit is a much simpler and cleaner approach to putting a great ensemble together.

how to look put together at the gym
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Photos: MEGAN BUNGATO (via Instagram)

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For an effortless shopping experience, you can opt for brands that already sell activewear in sets with simple styles, such as SHAPE Active. Onesies sold at brands like Laurent Active Wear and Lotus Active Wear also make gym dressing an effortless process since you don’t have to think about putting together pieces anymore.

Monday Body
Monday Body
Photos: MONDAY BODY (via Instagram)

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How to complete the look

Now, your outfit looks great, but make sure to end it on a high note. The go-to finisher for trendy gym goers? Scrunch socks and the New Balance 530. It’s a completely simple concept, but this combo lets you master both comfort and style.

Gym style essentials
Photo: ONER ACTIVE (via Instagram)

With the shoes, you can make the smooth transition from completing errands at the mall to doing leg presses at the gym. Matching socks are also an understated element for the trendy gym goer’s outfit since a perfectly executed monochromatic look gives its wearer legs for days. You can get scrunch socks at most places, but Alo Yoga and SKIMS are popular choices since their brand logos don’t steal the show.

Wearables and other accessories

Crop Shop Boutique
Photo: CROP SHOP BOUTIQUE (via Instagram)

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Other items you can add to complete the look are over-ear headphones, a wide headband, a smartwatch, and a puffy bag. Nothing says put together like a woman who’s decked out from head to toe. The headband keeps hair out of your face, the smartwatch tracks your fitness, and the belt bag is there to store your phone and other things. And in defense of bulky headphones, we argue that these are great for workout days because wired earphones can get in the way, while wireless earbuds can easily fall off, especially if you’re doing exercises like burpees.

Feature Image: SHAPE ACTIVE (via Instagram)

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